Monday, October 24, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

I hope you enjoyed my Kitchen Remodel. I LOVE my new kitchen and the functionality of it! I am working on my photography skills, so I don't think my pictures really give you a good picture of what it really feels and looks like in my room! Anyways enough about that.

As I said I have been working on my photography skills, so when we went to the pumpkin patch on Friday I thought I would try to take a few shots that weren't on auto!! I know it's sad I have an amazing camera and I keep it on auto. I just haven't had a lot of practice without it outside of auto!

Another thing I tried to do is not take a single picture with the flash on! Enough about photography let's look at the pumpkin patch!

We had SO much fun at the pumpkin patch on Friday. Kendall has been a bit under the weather, but that hasn't kept us from enjoying fall break! I loved her little dress that I made her Wednesday night! I was suppose to make it last year, but time gets away haha!

Kendall loved the patch. As soon as we got off the wagon she took off! She was running all over the place picking up weeds, leaves, grass and even a pumpkin or two!! She didn't want to get back on the hayride she was having so much fun!

We got a good chunkle out of her trying to pick up pumpkins as big as her, but she never gave up trying haha! She's a mess that's for sure:)

One a little more her size, but still a little too heavy!

The perfect one!! The weather was also perfect for the patch. Look how blue the sky was:)

This picture is a little blurry, but I LOVE it!! Her face just shows every bit of this sassy girls attitude!! And boy does she have one ever:)

Just relaxing on all the pumpkins!

There was a big wagon of pumpkins at the restaurant so I threw Kendall up into them! She thought it was funny, but then wanted down!

I think I got some great shots of her at the pumpkin patch for sure. We had a good time and I am so glad Chris was able to take the day off and go with us!

Only downfall? It took us over 2 hours to get home. It should have taken us no more than 45 minutes, but one of the bridges on the river is currently closed and traffic is insane (the bridge connects Kentucky and Indiana) A lot of people commute from both sides of the river for work. I have no patience for traffic and would definitly have to get a new job if I was in this situation!

Hope your enjoying your week. And on a sidenote I am still without at computer:( Chris has been so kind to bring his work laptop home for me to work on at night, but hopefully we will get ours fixed soon and won't have to deal with this anymore!

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Shelli Ryan said...

She's so cute!! I love her dress - so festive! How are you learning to use your Camera in manual. I have a dslr and I'm looking for great info/websites online to help me learn!

Amanda said...

That dress is super cute, you did a great job! I feel your pain with the whole computer thing. My daughter fried the hard drive of our MacBook with her sippy cup, so now I am stuck using the computer I got for high school graduation 11 years ago, and it is SLOW as Christmas!! Hope you get your fixed soon.

Sonya said...

Looks like fun! I dread our trip over that bridge this weekend! We are coming in Friday around lunch so hopefully it won't be too terrible!

Savannah said...

Looks like such a fun family outing! Your photography at the patch looks great. Did you make Kendall's dress? It's adorable!