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Kitchen Remodel The Start Picture HEAVY:)

First, I have to say if you make through this post than you deserve a cookie:) And if you just want to look at my pictures really quickly I totally understand! But, my husband worked EXTREMELY hard on this project (that is an understatement!) and I don't want to miss a detail so here goes nothing!

Once upon a time we had a dining room that looked like this. I have lived in this house for almost 5 years and I can count on 1 hand how many times we have used this space. Such. A. Waste. The rooms in our house aren't very big, so as you can imagine wasted space in our home is not an option.

Not only was this wasted space, but the kitchen table was about to fall apart. It was a hand me down and all the chairs were near their end.

My mom got Chris and I this baker's rack for our first Christmas. I love it, but it quickly became a storage space for all the extras in our kitchen that we didn't have cabinet space for. And we didn't like that. Who wants to see your pots and pans out in the clear open?

Remember, this wall, OK, don't forget this wall!

So, this is my kitchen. The flooring was outdated and I couldn't tell you how old it was. I should say that this was a remodel that has been a long time coming. Chris previously did the backsplash and a new countertop. So, that part of the kitchen is updated along with the stove and the fridge.

What was I thinking when I thought this red-orange color would look so good in our kitchen? I don't know!!!

Here is the table in the kitchen. So little room that we actually had to push it up against that wall. Oh yeah that wall, you still remembering it? Well, that's the same wall so don't forget it OK? We also had to take out a chair so that we had a spot for Kendall to eat once she started using her highchair.

See, all those dishes? See, the three drawer cabinet? That USE to be a half dishwasher, that burned out long before Kendall came around. Meaning that for the past 2 years or so, I have been HAND washing all of my dishes, including every. single. bottle. I know it sounds a little foolish to say that, but have you ever thought how much time we waste washing dishes? Far too much time. We are all about saving time around here, because we don't have a lot of it with Chris and I both working full time outside of the home. When we get home from work, cook supper, and eat we are not interested in washing dishes! You get my drift?

This is a view from the hallway. Can you see how squished we were in this kitchen? Now imagine Chris, myself, and Kendall all walking and working around in this kitchen while trying to cook supper at the same time! Not easy:)

One more look at the wall. Don't forget it!!

Remember that wall I told you not to forget? Well, you can forget it now, because it's GONE! Chris tore that thing out of the house and I am sure he had a lot of fun doing it! We thought how can we make the most out of this space. The first thing we thought was tearing this wall down. It wasn't being used and we could think of a million different ways to utilize the room behind this wall if it was all connected to the kitchen. We also knew that we needed two kitchen tables no more. We don't sit at both of them so why would we need them? So, the remodel began!

After tearing that wall down, Chris moved to the floor. The floor definitely needed some updating and I knew I wanted tile laid. My dad does an amazing job of doing tile, so we asked if he would help Chris lay the tile. Of course he said yes!

One last view of the floor before it gets pretty!

And there it is! My new floor. I love it! I am really happy with the color tile we choose and I think it turned out great! See those wires hanging up from the floor. Guess what??? I am getting a dishwasher!! Thank the goodness!!!

A close up view of the floor without the grout. Isn't it pretty? I love neutrals and I couldn't imagine going with any other tile;)

And the view of the whole floor after Chris grouted. We went with a darker grout, because I knew it would get dirty if not!

And another view! I just can't tell you how excited I was at this point for the finish of our kitchen! We were living in a mess. But, we all know it takes a mess to get to clean!!

The first look at my new dishwasher!! I LOVE it and couldn't be happier with where we decided to place it in this room!

This is another one of my favorites! I love to keep things organized and what better way to do it with a rack that holds pots and pans! No more picking up the stack to get the biggest one off the bottome. It also holds lids at the top. So, we no longer dig through the drawers to find a lid either:)

Remember that wall? Well, of course it left a hole, so Chris had to drywall, mud, and sand the holes on the ceiling and the wall!

Because I have so many pictures to share I have to split it into two different posts!! I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of our remodel and will be back to see part 2!! I am going to post them both immediately because I don't like to wait and I am sure you don't want to wait either. And if you don't care just humor me:)

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