Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love This Girl

This sweet girl had a very rough night last Sunday morning. She woke me up at about 1:15AM and wasn't interested in getting back in her bed. I brought her to my bed which we NEVER do, but it was my only option once I knew she wasn't going to sleep. I let her fall back in sleep with me and then put her back in her own bed at about 2:45. She stayed asleep and I was relieved until....

4:00AM came and she started screaming again! Let me remind you that Kendall is a GOOD sleeper. At about 4 months I started putting her to bed on her own and she has gone to sleep and slept through the night since then. But, does have a moment every few months.

Well when she woke up at 4:00AM she was screaming like she was in awful pain so I brought her back to our room. She fell back asleep and I tried to put her in her bed again at 5:00AM and as soon as I laid her down she woke up screaming again. So, back to my room we went until 7:00AM when she was awake for the day:)

We are pretty convinced that she has a LOT of teeth trying to come in all at once. I know this to be true now because tonight when I was tickling her I could see two teeth opposite of each other in the middle back of her gums at the top. They have barely made their way through but they are coming! And thank goodness for that.

These teeth have sure been a pain for my poor baby, and I will be so glad when they all make their way through!

And even though she kept us up all night we still love her too pieces and couldn't imagine a day without this sweet thing!!

AND I feel for EVERY SINGLE one of you mothers who have a child that doesn't sleep. I can't imagine, because me I need my sleep and I need it bad! I have always been a sleeper and Kendall rocked my world last weekend haha!

I think God knew that I needed my sleep. Either that or was just tricking me into thinking babyhood isn't so bad until my next one:)

Either way I still love her too death and can't believe how stinkin' big she is!!

Hope you are enjoying your weeked!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sorry you had a rough night... my oldest was like that ... EVERY night... ugh... never will re-live that! LOL!! Cuteeeeeeeeee photos! :):):):):):):):):):):)