Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have erased and restarted this post over and over again because how do you start a post about a day that everyone in our country is mourning?

I took these pictures of Kendall last year on September 11 and wanted to share them again, because this year it hit me that 9/11 will be any other day to my daughter and many other children out there.

I was talking to a good friend Friday night about how I read to my students September 12 We Knew Everything Would Be Alright, which was written by a group of first graders soon after 9/11 occured. Those students were my students age when this terrible act of terrorism happened to our country.

One of my students raised his hand and said Mrs. Wallace I wasn't born until 3 years AFTER 9/11/01 and I thought oh my he is so right. 9/11 is to them as Pearl Harbor is to me. I don't mean this offensively but I don't have the feelings about Pearl Harbor as I do 9/11 and I'm sure my students and my daughter will never have those feelings about 9/11 as I do.

I didn't live Pearl Harbor.

I lived 9/11.

My students and Kendall didn't live 9/11.

I was a senior in high school when 9/11 occured and a naive senior was I. I had no clue the impact that 9/11 had on so many families. Ok I knew the impact it had, but I didn't know the emotions or the feelings that were felt.

The older I get the more emotional I get on this day every year. I think it's me getting older and having a child and reading about children that never met their fathers and how I can't imagine what their mothers have gone through or even think about Chris not being here with Kendall and I. It makes me cry everytime I even think about it. Not for me but for them. I cry because so many, many people were affected this day in so many ways.

Today I am reminded more than ever to be greatful for the life that I live.

To be proud of the country that I live in.

To love the red, white, and blue with all my heart.

And to thank the millions upon millions that have fought for our country for so long.

And to mourn the loss of millions who have died for our freedom.

I love our country and couldn't be prouder to say in live in the USA today!!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I see your point... but I believe, sadly that is, that every generation has their 'tragedy' ... my parents had Kennedy and the Vietnam War, I had the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, my grandparents had the Great Depression, my Son had 09/11, but as sad as it is to admit, because of movies and books, I can 'feel' the pain of those tragedies of those events.... so I think that even today's children will understand 09/11 in their own way... :)