Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Back

Saturday night we returned back home after a weeks vacation in Gulf Shores!! We had a blast. This was Kendall's first trip to the beach but definitely not her last!! I am such a beach bum so it was really hard for me to not spend my waking moments on a chair with my toes in the sand. But, I know in a few years Kendall will be sitting right there with me:)
This was Kendall's very first step into the sand and the beach. She was VERY unsure of it at first, but she got use to it as the week went on!

We got into a bit of a routine while we were there. We would wake up in the morning eat breakfast, go to the pool, one of us would go back to the room with Kendall for a nap, then we would get dressed and go out to eat! Of course we took plenty of pictures every night!

I really think Kendall grew five inches while we were there. And I am not kidding!

It was very hot there every night and the wait to eat places was always long, so we knew we had to get ready early and get to eat early so we didn't have to wait. Most places that we ate at had an extremely long wait by the time that we got done eating.

We shared ice cream almost every single night because who goes to the beach with getting ice cream?

We spent a lot of time in this pool. It was the perfect pool for Kendall she could get in and get out easily and she loved being able to play without one of us holding on to her!

Did I mention Kendall's small obsession with eating the sand. Kendall puts EVERYTHING in her mouth at this stage, but I had no idea that she would continue to put sand in her mouth after that first taste.

I really think it was the salt that kept her going back for more!

We took about 900 pictures while we were there. I would LOVE to share every single one with you, but I am sure that would bore you to death lol! I love vacations and I can't wait to take another one next summer with our little girl who won't be a little girl then!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sooooooooo fun!! LOVING the photos!! And toooooooo funny about the sand! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Shelli Ryan said...

You've got a really cute beach beauty on your hands!!!