Monday, June 6, 2011

Splash Park at the Louisville Zoo

We are so lucky because not only do we have a zoo but it also has the coolest and cleanest splash park! This past Friday we decided to go for the first time with two of my friends from work. It took a little warming up, but Kendall loved it and we will be going back very soon and quite often I am sure!!

My favorite thing about the splash park is that it is geared towards kids Kendall's age and a little older. I would say up to 5 or 6 but I am sure the older kids would enjoy it as well!! There are plenty of places for the kids to walk around and the floor is a rubbery type ground so if the kids fall they won't get hurt.

This is Kendall and her friend Alyssa. Alyssa is a year and a half older than Kendall but I know this time next year they will be great friends and you won't even know the age difference. Alyssa was so sweet to Kendall. They had fun stepping on the big button that started the water fall!

This is Jayda and she is also a year and a half older than Kendall! Holly and Kacie were pregnant at the same time at school and Alyssa is a little less than a month older than Jayda! Jayda was also so sweet to Kendall giving her hugs and kisses.

These two pictures were about as good as I could get. They wouldn't stand still long enough for a group shot. Alright I admit my daughter wouldn't sit still long enough for a group shot but what can I say she is on the go, go, go!!

Smile Kendall! You notice Jayda and Alyssa are still standing where we asked them to stand for the picture and Kendall took off! Surprise surprise!

Trying to get a group hug. Three sweet little girls that are going to have so much fun as they get older!

This was Kendall's favorite spot because she knew she could hit the button for the water to go but she wouldn't get wet standing in this spot!

Alyssa was so sweet giving Kendall kisses!

Kendall also liked playing in the baby area. She is at that age where she will play in the older areas but she is much more comfortable in the baby area but almost too big for it!

Towards the end of the day she started to get a little braver and closer to the water. A few times it sprayed up in her face but she handled it pretty well!

I would say the absolute best thing about the splash park is that zoo members get in an hour earlier than everyone else. We went an hour earlier since we are zoo members and it was so worth it! By the time the girls got tired of playing it was starting to get crowded so it worked out so perfectly for us! Our timing couldn't have been better. I think anytime we plan to go to the splash park we will take advantage of that early hour!!

Can't wait to take her back:)
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Erin said...

She's a cutie! Looks like a nice water park!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooo precious!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

West Texas Wife said...

I can't believe how big K is! Wow I time flies! She is so beautiful!

Paige said...

Oh my, we are so going to have to bring Charli Beth up there after the honeymoon! We love the zoo but I had no idea that they had this!