Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kendall's First Haircut:Picture Heavy!

Yesterday I took Kendall to get her first hair cut! Of course it had to start out with a sucker because here lately she wants NOTHING to do with anyone unfamiliar! She is getting so funny! So first my sweet hair dresser Jenny offered her a sucker and of course she took it!

Then she started snipping away as fast as possible because when Kendall realized what was going on she did this:

But when she had no idea what was going on and she was just enjoying her sucker she was doing this:

And then she remembered someone different was back there so she turned to check her out while she was trying to cut her hair!! Good thing I have the best hair dresser ever:)

Jenny didn't cut very much off of her hair at all. In fact she just trimmed her bangs so that they were out of her face and then cut her rat tail off. Yes my daughter had a rat tail lol. She evened the back out just enough so that she didn't have to cut much off. I am hoping this will cause it to grow a little quicker!

I love this picture of all three of us! So sweet Kendall and her sucker. I think she has a new love for dum dums but who doesn't? My favorite are root beer dum dums which is funny because I do NOT drink root beer!

Jenny thought if I stood Kendall would be less likely to realize she was doing something to her hair becuase she wouldn't be able to see her cutting her hair!

Oh and the best part of all we went through three dum dums. Is that horrible? Kendall did NOT eat all three she licked them for a few minutes and when we saw that she was going to try to chew it to pieces we threw it out and gave her a new one so that she couldn't choke on it!

Kendall was cracking us up while Rhonda took her pictures. She has really learned after all these months what a camera is. Considering I have one in her face all day long you would think she had learned by now haha!

And we are all done. Kendall was looking at Jenny like who in the world are you and why in the world are you teaching me!!

After she finished Kendall I got my hair colored and trimmed and Kendall was so good for Rhonda while I got my hair done. She is such a laid back go with the flow girl and we are SO lucky for this:)

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deb famularo said...

first haircut!!! how cuuuuuute!!!! Awesome pics of the event! She did great too! Thank God for Dum Dums, and who cares how many it took!!!!!!!! You both look adorable!!! xOxO

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Toooooooooooooo cute!!! The first haircut is the BEST! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Shelli Ryan said...

So sweet! Kendall did great!