Monday, June 13, 2011

Cheese and a Paci

Kendall has gotten so funny with the camera here recently. Anytime I have it out or I say cheese she squints her eyes and smiles so big! It's cute but most of the time picures turn out like this because she has smiling so big! It cracks me up though:) I'll take pictures like this over a crying picture anyday!!
Clearly Kendall still has left over snack on her little piggy nose but that's alright because it's summer and we are not worrying about it:)

You notice in these pictures she has two different pacifiers? Well here lately she has decided that she needs two pacifiers with her instead of one. She switches them out quite often as she carries one in her hand and the other in her mouth.

We don't let Kendall have her pacifier or as she calls it papi unless she is getting ready to take a nap or going to bed. And that use to be fine until here recently. It seems she is getting more and more attached to the silly thing as each day goes on. She is totally fine without it unless someone says the word paci or she sees one nearby. Then she throws a horrible fit until you give her the silly thing!

I am just wondering if anyone else has this same problem or if anyone else seems to have a baby that wasn't attached and is now more than ever attached?

I also wonder when you guys gave up the paci? I certainly don't want my child walking around with one in her mouth and I am sure there are many of you that don't as well, but when do you give it away? I am not ready for her to grow up but like it or not she will and I have to take it at some point:(

But, for now I will enjoy this cute little face with that silly thing hanging out of her mouth:)
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