Friday, June 10, 2011

Aunt Kathleen Is getting Married

Today Chris' sister is getting married!! We are excited for her and we are nervous too because ALL three of us are in the wedding!! Last night we had rehearsal and it wasn't too bad! Kendall and Dylan are going to walk down the aisle with me. Dylan is three years older than Kendall and is only a few pounds heavier!! He was born at 23 weeks so we are just so thankful to have him around:)

They looked so cute walking down the aisle together!!

Kendall and the Bride to be, Aunt Kathleen.

Kendall and Dylan had a lot of fun playing at the dinner. It was at a country club so they were able to really enjoy themselves and didn't have to sit the whole time which was extremely nice!

Enjoying some ice cream. We had banana fosters for dessert. Chris really liked it and I thought it was OK . I know I am probably crazy but it wasn't my cup of tea:)

Finally we can get Kendall to somewhat smile when we say cheese.

If only we could get her to smile that big AND look at the camera. Well at least she is smiling I will take that and one day the focus will come:)

In love with this sweet picture and the two sweeties in it! I will be back tomorrow to share sweet pictures from the wedding! I sure hope Kendall cooperates for the pictures and walks down the aisle with me:)

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deb famularo said...

How cute- I'm sure Kendall will be great!!!!!! (That's such a pretty picture of you and her btw!) Have lots of fun today & congrats to the happy couple!!!!!!!!! xoxox