Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vistaprint LOVE

If you have never visited VistaPrint you totally should!! There are so many FREE items. I really mean FREE items all you have to pay is shipping:) I will warn you the first time you order there aren't as many free items but as you order you get more and emails for freebies! I have been ordering from them for a while and I just got an order a few weeks ago that I am excited to share with you!

Not too long ago the Groupon was 10 dollars for 50 dollars of stuff from Vistaprint! This is a REALLY good deal because you can still order free items PLUS spend the 50 dollars. The only down fall was that this fifty dollars couldn't cover shipping and their shipping prices can be a bit pricey. Here are the items that I bought!

I can't wait to send these to my students. They were actually invites, but I just changed the information to make them a little note from me to my new students!! My theme for this school year is jungle and I can't wait to share with you some of the things I plan to do in my classroom this year!! You remember I went to a conference in the spring and I learned so many great things that I am just really looking forward to implementing in my classroom!

These are actually business cards that I bought to remind parents to practice words of the week that their child may not know. In the blank part I will write the few words that they need more practice on and staple it in their planners!

We usually have dress down days every Friday for a dollar so I bought this to stamp into their planners!

This is one of my favorites! They are notebooks. I start a new notebook every school year of notes and such from meetings that I attend all year long so I can't wait to use this cute notebook! I am keeping the one to the right at home for us to write notes in at home:)

Just to show you that they really are notebooks!!

My coteachers make fun of me because I am obsessed with sticky notes! I use them for EVERYTHING!! Part of the conference I went to encouraged students to use them as well and I can't wait to give my students sticky notes to use!!

Another one of my favorites. I got this to sit on my desk! Each month has a different picture of Kendall from the previous months! These would make sweet gifts for special people in your lives!

I love the December picture! I used a picture from that month last year and I will so enjoy flipping to a new month each month just to see her sweet face!

One of my absolute favs of K!!

If you haven't been to Vistaprint GO now!! You will get sucked in and LOVE it!

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Wordless Wednesday: My first BIg Sucker!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pinterest Love

I have been dying to share with ya'll this project that I had been working on! I got the idea from my new love/obsession Pinterest (Click there to see the picture of my inspiration and to follow me!!)
So here is what I did:

Found some super cute scrapbooking patterned paper!

Created a stencil using cardboard. (Sorry no picture of that!)

Spent HOURS upon HoURS tracing and cutting these leaves! Took me a long time and a friend said why didn't you just use your cricut? DUH DUH DUH! Then using plant wire, tacky glue, and branches from outside, I glued two leaves back to back to the end of the wire and just twisted it around the branch!

And there you have it!! A cute little tree that can't die on me!!

A close up of the leaves. I am not kidding you this was probably one of the easiest projects I have ever done and it was a lot of fun! I will seriously make one for each season, but next time I will use my cricut to cut haha!!!

(Sorry for not very good pics. Kendall is napping and I was trying to get this post done quickly)

I am really wondering if I should add another branch? What do you think? Mine isn't nearly as full as the one in the picture but I don't know?

Here is a post that I found that gives WAY better directions than I could have ever given:)

Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you decide to make one!!

Oh and of course I must tell you that I got my vase at a GREAT deal from here!

One last thing and then I promise I am hitting publish:)

If you haven't checked this sweet girls blog out what are you waiting for click NOW!!!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Back

Saturday night we returned back home after a weeks vacation in Gulf Shores!! We had a blast. This was Kendall's first trip to the beach but definitely not her last!! I am such a beach bum so it was really hard for me to not spend my waking moments on a chair with my toes in the sand. But, I know in a few years Kendall will be sitting right there with me:)
This was Kendall's very first step into the sand and the beach. She was VERY unsure of it at first, but she got use to it as the week went on!

We got into a bit of a routine while we were there. We would wake up in the morning eat breakfast, go to the pool, one of us would go back to the room with Kendall for a nap, then we would get dressed and go out to eat! Of course we took plenty of pictures every night!

I really think Kendall grew five inches while we were there. And I am not kidding!

It was very hot there every night and the wait to eat places was always long, so we knew we had to get ready early and get to eat early so we didn't have to wait. Most places that we ate at had an extremely long wait by the time that we got done eating.

We shared ice cream almost every single night because who goes to the beach with getting ice cream?

We spent a lot of time in this pool. It was the perfect pool for Kendall she could get in and get out easily and she loved being able to play without one of us holding on to her!

Did I mention Kendall's small obsession with eating the sand. Kendall puts EVERYTHING in her mouth at this stage, but I had no idea that she would continue to put sand in her mouth after that first taste.

I really think it was the salt that kept her going back for more!

We took about 900 pictures while we were there. I would LOVE to share every single one with you, but I am sure that would bore you to death lol! I love vacations and I can't wait to take another one next summer with our little girl who won't be a little girl then!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4 Years

Today four years ago I married my best friend! We have been through SO much in the past four years and I wouldn't have wanted to spend those four years with anyone else in this world!! I will never forget the day I got married, but for some reaons I can't remember walking down the aisle:)
Chris thanks for being the most loving, caring and thoughtful husband I could have! Thanks for making all my dreams come true:)

Here's to another 40 years together!!
Love you honey!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy's Day gift

A few weeks ago I took Kendall to the paint spot to make something special for her dada for father's day! I think she did an awesome job:) I had her make a little plate for him and then I did a plaque with her hand print and 2011 on it. I plan to get her handprint done every year and eventually frame them together!

Here are her finished products!

The plaque and the platter/plate.

Kendall has gotten so funny about people touching her! She doesn't care to be too close to strangers so when the lady at the Paint Spot was helping me with her handprints she wasn't too happy at all!

My poor little girl just cried and cried while the lady put paint on her hand and pressed to the plaque. Jen and I had to fix it because Kendall was so upset that we didn't think it went on too well!

I know it is a good thing that Kendall doesn't like for strangers to be touching her, but I wonder if she will grow out of this stage?

Once we finished with her handprint and washed her hand she had a great time painting away on the plate she made!

She even had a great time trying to eat the paint. The lady kept telling me don't worry it's non toxic and its gritty so she won't like it. Obviously she doesn't know my daughter who eats EVERYTHING she can get in her mouth haha!

I just adored the little apron they put Kendall in! I thought she looked so sweet in it!

It didn't take us too long at all to do this and it only took a week for them to be ready for us to pick up!! We will definitly go back again:)

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