Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are preparing for not good weather heading our way in the next thirty minutes.

Chris JUST got home.

My power went out 45 minutes ago.

I went into full panic mood.

Let me tell you my biggest, greatest fear.


IF you have no fear you don't know what the feeling is.

If you do.

You know EXACTLY how I felt.

There is nothing worse than meeting your fear in the face.

It was PITCH black.

I could see nothing. I was on the floor making hairbows watching Modern Family. and


The lights were gone and I was running around crying calling Chris looking for a flashlight.



Praying that someone crazy wasn't outside of my house waiting for the power to go out to come in.


That's the thoughts that go through my head during these moments.

I don't do scarey anything.

I don't do home alone unless I have no choice which tonight unfortunately was one of those nights.

Jen was at her mother-in-laws which just happens to be a few streets over so she rushed over here!

I probably would have lost it if not.

I am NOT kidding. It's an unexplainable fear that takes over your body.

Luckily our power came back on and Chris got home.

PLEASE pray for us.

I know everyone is getting this weather so just pray for all of us.

There was a tornado not too far from us that injured two. I know that is no comparison to what has happened across our country.

So tonight as we crawl into our shelter we will pray.

Not just for us but for everyone experiencing this weather!

Where ever you are I hope your safe.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You poor thing... I can totally relate... stay safe... :)

Shelli Ryan said...

We are at my parents house in the southend of Louisville with no power. I hope you're ok! I hate the dark too.

deb famularo said...

Oh God Christy, I understand. We had a funnel cloud behind us, it was lowering and I have never been more scared in my life. We were right in it's path. Thank God, it went back up. Tornadoes scare me to death. I'll be praying for you guys that you are safe. Keep me posted.