Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Closet Clean out at School

I have been working really hard the past few days at work trying to get my closets cleaned and purged. My cabinets have become a catch all for EVERYTHING this school year! So now that the kids are gone it's time to do some cleaning and purging! I started on my supplies closet! This is what it started out looking like!
I have accumulated more stuff in the past five years than I know what to do with. So it was time to go through and get rid of some things!

I organized my border into a container because it was all over the place.

I have bought so many containers so it was time to put some of them to good use!

A table full of junk that I needed to go through and purge..purge...purge!

And here is the before and after! Can you tell which is which! I love the before and after looks makes you feel so good!!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are preparing for not good weather heading our way in the next thirty minutes.

Chris JUST got home.

My power went out 45 minutes ago.

I went into full panic mood.

Let me tell you my biggest, greatest fear.


IF you have no fear you don't know what the feeling is.

If you do.

You know EXACTLY how I felt.

There is nothing worse than meeting your fear in the face.

It was PITCH black.

I could see nothing. I was on the floor making hairbows watching Modern Family. and


The lights were gone and I was running around crying calling Chris looking for a flashlight.



Praying that someone crazy wasn't outside of my house waiting for the power to go out to come in.


That's the thoughts that go through my head during these moments.

I don't do scarey anything.

I don't do home alone unless I have no choice which tonight unfortunately was one of those nights.

Jen was at her mother-in-laws which just happens to be a few streets over so she rushed over here!

I probably would have lost it if not.

I am NOT kidding. It's an unexplainable fear that takes over your body.

Luckily our power came back on and Chris got home.

PLEASE pray for us.

I know everyone is getting this weather so just pray for all of us.

There was a tornado not too far from us that injured two. I know that is no comparison to what has happened across our country.

So tonight as we crawl into our shelter we will pray.

Not just for us but for everyone experiencing this weather!

Where ever you are I hope your safe.

Almost Wordless Wednesday!

Sure gonna miss these babies next year! Well they are no longer babies:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Office Organization

These little guys came in the mail today from HERE and I can't wait to share with you what I have in store for them!!

By the way if that had one of those stores within 30 miles of my area my bank account would be a couple hundred dollars short right now!
Lucky for my husband:)
Still feeling a little lazy maybe I'll get around to what I want to do with these soon!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I feel incredibly lazy today and I have nothing special to share other than the fact that I feel lazy!

Oh and that I am going to wear a bathing suit this weekend and I am currently eating a box of double stuffed oreos. The oreos look way cuter than the bathing suit right now:) I have 10 pounds that I just can't shake!! I have lost 15 pounds since the start of August! GO me but come on 10 other pounds give me a break here!! (Maybe I should put the oreos down!)

We have four more school days left with kids. Four. I never thought this day would come.

This has been the absolute hardest year of my career yet. There are several reasons why I think it is has been so difficult. Some I won't share on a public blog, but here are a few:

1. First year with a baby and working. Sersouly God bless mothers out there with 2 or 3 or more children and working a full time job ALL year long. I don't know if it is my personality (liking everything organized and doing everything perfectly) but this school year has about killed me. I think the hardest part has been realizing my day doesn't end at 345 anymore. My day ends at 8 or a little after when Kendall goes to bed. Teaching is a tiring job. I would say teaching K/1 is even more tiring because they need you ALL day from the time they get there til the time they leave.

2. Teaching a split class has been the most difficult thing ever. I have never found myself so twisted, unorganized, spread out, or more confused as a teacher. Teaching a split class takes a lot of things and number 1 on that list should be organization. I was thrown into a split class three weeks after school started. Teachers you know that after a few weeks you have your routines established with your students. Imagine that being thrown in your face times three to find out you are losing 10 of your students and gaining 10 new ones!! It was a tough tough ride and I never really gained control until about January/February. Crazy that my students survived with me.

Well that brings me here. I have agreed to teach a K/1 split again next year. Crazy doesn't even explain it! I wil make it work though because now I have experience and I am prepared. I also know that I am going to be a split from the first day and all of my routines will established with a class that I will not lose! I can live with that. Plus I get a great little helper for about 2 1/2 hours out of the day!! Jackie has been an amazing help this year and I am so glad that he agreed to give her back to me again this coming school year!

I will think about all of that very soon, but for now I am going to focus on getting to the kids last day this Friday and my last day next Thursday! Then I am NOT going to think about school for at least three weeks. Really I am making myself forget about it until we get back from vacation and then maybe if I am ready I will start focusing on a new school year! Maybe.

Funny how this post went from me being lazy to this terribly hard school year. Wow I think I need to go to bed now! And goodness sakes if you read this post bless you:)

Have a great Tuesday ya'll!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

First Pool Day of the Season/Picture Issues

First I just wanted to say if you can't see my pictures PLEASE leave a message letting me know. I have been uploading using picasa because 1. It's much faster and 2. you can click on the pictures to make them a little bigger if you want. So, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a comment if you can't see them! (EDIT: I had to upload them through blogger because they disappeared:(

We had our first pool day of the season with Kendall today. It was just in her little kiddie pool, but she was LOVING it. We decided we must get her a bigger pool for the house soon, because this is a sad excuse of a pool for a 1 year old haha!

It took me a while to get sunscreen on this chick because she kept running away from me. I am thinking of investing in spray sunscreen. Does anyone else use this? Does it cover good? Is it safe?
I love this hat, but it doesn't really fit her. So sad it went with a bikini that she had last summer, but it was too big for her then and now it's too small! It's funny how big I thought this hat was last summer and now how small it looks!
The water was freezing cold, but this little fish didn't care. She splashed and played in the water for quite some time. She thought it was so funny to splash me because I would squeal due to the freezing cold water and then she would squeal and do it again!
Running around on the driveway. Chris is still doing major yardwork so we had to put the pool on the driveway with towels under it. I can't wait for him to be done, but with all the rain we have gotten it's been hard for him to do anything.
Love this sweet little girl to pieces:) And I can't wait for the big pool to open up tomorrow! We will be there Saturday, Sunday and Monday this weekend (weather permiting!)
Chris laughed at me because I said Kendall will be brown as a biscuit this summerJust wait she will haha. She has Chris' skin and he gets so dark during the summer. I can get tan but not like him and not like she will. I am so excited!

If you could see me now you would see me doing a little dance because we only have 8 days until we are out for SUMMER! Can't even wait I am so excited!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Is everyone as excited as I am about the fact that it is Friday? I sure hope so:) I was quite surprised when I got on my blogger account to see that I had a few new followers! Welcome I am so glad you are following my journey! I hope I don't bore you too much!

I was even more surprised to see that Brittany from Dave and Brit Plus One featured me today as her Follow Her Friday! That was so sweet of her and I adore her blog! She has the cutest little girl!

I just wanted to share a few quick pictures of Kendall in her big girl outfit. It is amazing how big blue jeans can make a baby look! I thought she was adorable in her outfit from the other day:) She is getting so big I just can't believe it!

I can't get her to stand up for a picture and I can barely get her to sit still long enough to get a good picture. I am sure this will be the story for quite some time now. She is alwys on the go and doesn't have time to sit for a picture.

Do you see all of that hair on her head! It is getting so thick. I wish it would start to get a little bit of length on it. It looks like it's going to start curling up a little bit too! Her bangs are getting so long. I have a hair appointment in two weeks and my hair dresser is going to trim Kendall's bangs out of her eyes a little bit and tell me what to do with the back of it!!

"Talking" on her IPOD. She is a hot mess!

Enjoy your weekend! We have 5 more school days with kids, memorial weekend, and then 3 days without kids before summer vacation officially starts! Can't wait to spend 8 WHOLE weeks playing with my sweet little girl!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Office Organization:Take 1

I have decided to tackle my office over the next few weeks!! My goal is to organize, purge and purge some more. OF course a lot of the stuff in our office (STUFF that's what it is:)) Belongs to Chris so I have to have him go through a lot of it, which is a process as you will see through these posts!

This is one of the shelves I wanted to tackle tonight. Along with the three shelves that are shown in the before and after picture. As you can see the bottome two shelves are Chris' things so I couldn't go through it since he isn't here!

And here is the END process of my shelf! I am still debating on getting rid of a few books on this shelf. I am thinking hard about it, but someone of them are just so good that I never want to give them up!

And who doesn' t LOVE an empty shelf. I am sure it won't stay empty for too long!

Zoey would NOT get out of my picture!! She's so silly.

And here are my four stacks. The stack on the left is to take to school, next to that are going to my mother in law, and the last two stacks are books I will donate/giveaway! I would say that was a good purge for the night:)My next step will be Kendall's toy shelf in here and the bottome of that smaller bookshelf, and hopefully getting Chris to go through his books:) I

I am sure this is a rather boring post for you guys, but I am going to do this as I organize each part of the office so that I can see that progress I make:)Have a great Thursday! One more day til the weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Project Life: May 6-May 12

Thanks for stopping by for Project Life Tuesday. I am so excited that I got to play along two weeks in a row! I even have a picture for everyday this week! I have updated my project life album with all of my pictures up to the end of April. I am very proud of myself for that too. This is by far the best scrapbooking adventure I have ever taken on and it one that I will continue for the rest of my life:)
Friday May 6: We ran to the mall to get a few more things for our Derby outfits and Kendall got to ride Clifford in the mall! She loved it and cried when we took her off:)

Saturday May 7: Today was Chris' 27th birthday so we went to the Kentucky Derby to celebrate! We had a lot of fun but didn't win any money!

Sunday May 8: We hung out at the house most of the day for Mother's Day. I thought Kendall looked so cute in this little romper that really was too little for her!

Monday May 9: I have been obsessed with these flat bread pizzas and they really aren't that bad for you!

Tuesday May 10: Kendall was so funny this morning on the way to Trinettes! She had her sunglasses on and laughed the whole way there. I love mornings like this:)

Wednesday May 11: I haven't been feeling very good, but for some reason I got the urge to organize the laundry room and it looks so much better!

Thursday May 12: I loved this little romper on Kendall. I paid 2 dollars for it at a consignment shop and it was worth every penny!!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Playtime Fun

Kendall has really gotten into playing on her playground, which by the way is still in the house haha. Sooner or later we will get it moved to the outside where it belongs!

She loves going up and down the slide. She has gotten pretty good at letting her feet up when she doesn't have socks on so that she actually slides!

She climbs up it all by herself as well. She is such a big girl now!

She can even get on her swing by herself. But, she gets very upset if you try to swing her without buckling her first. Which I think is so funny because it takes longer to buckle her than she actually stays in the swing!

She has such the little personality and we just adore her!

Her other favortive thing to do is climb in and out of baskets. She emptied our basket of blankets tonight so that she could get in it! She is so funnny!
We just adore our little girl who is growing so fast and learning new things everyday!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Uncle Joe Graduates

Yesterday we went out to eat for my brother's graduation celebration. My brother graduated from the University of Kentucky this Spring with a degree in Mechical Engineering! We are very proud of him. We went to Claudia Sanders to celebrate (This is the restaurant that belongs to Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken!) wife!) It was very good and we had a great time celebrating with family. I didn't take many pictures but I thought I would share the ones that I did take.

Kendall was so cute but she was so uninterested in pictures with anyone tonight. I tried to get a good one of her and daddy but she refused to look at the camera! She was extremely tired too which was our fault because we never put her down for a good nap.

She wouldn't even get a picture with me! We had a lot of family that she isn't around much at the restaurant so she was being a little bashful too. You can see my cute papaw standing behind us as well:)

She wasn't having cousin Rachel either!

Here is Uncle Joe who she wasn't interested in either. Joe is her Godfather and hasn't been around as much because he has been living in Lexington so we are so excited that he finally will be home more and get to see Kendall!

I got a few cute pictures of her playing with daddy when we got home. He was getting her nose and she was cracking up. She decided to try to get his nose as well:)

Here is one last picture of her cute little outfit and sandals. I think she gets cuter and cuter everyday:)

Ready for bed! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We have 9 school days left and I am counting them down to the very end:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Laundry Room Remodel

Picture from Southern Living Magazine!

Yesterday I shared with you my shelf in my laundry room. As you could tell our laundry room is a little/lot out dated! We are going to work on that this summer and I am sooo excited!!

We have remodeled every single room in this house but the laundry room and it is our next project! I am excited to have a lot of input on this room and what I want done with it!!

I LOVE this room that I found in Southern Living Magazine and believe it or not we can actually do this!! We have the space so why NOT!!

Chris wants to paint the room a bright blue color! And I am fine with that!

We have cabinets on the back side of the laundry room that I want painted white and we can redo the counter without a problem, because Chris has done that before:)

I am so excited for all the fun things we will do in this room!!

This will definitly be on my Laundry room wall!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!

Photo take from HERE

Can't wait to share with you what we do with our laundry room:)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Laundry Room Organizing

I thought I would organize my laundry room shelves today because 1. It's NEVER been done in the four years I have been here.
2 It was a MESS!
Looking at these shelves like this was making me NOT want to do anymore laundry. (OK real life I never want to do laundry!) But pretty shelves make it a lot easier:)

The first thing I did was clear all the shelves off. I threw everything on the ground!

Just like so. Then I threw all the things that we never use in the garbage, which was half of the junk up on this shelf! (Seriously we have 4 bottles of bleach. I have lived in this house for 4 years and have used bleach 1 time really 1 time!)

Next I went through this big pile of towels! Can you tell that we like the water in the summer time? I only got rid of 1 beach towel because really they were all good towels! I just need to remember that we don't need ANY towels this summer:)

Next after making sure it was alright with Chris I threw the rest of the stuff I didn't know we had in the garbage! We don't use it and we don't need it! My first purge of the summer!!
And here is my end result! I like it alright, but the towel holder isn't big enough. I am going to search the house to see if we have anything bigger and if not it's off to Target I go:)

I give myself an A+ on the first reorganzing/purge of the summer:)

And on being intentional: I get an A for the day!