Monday, April 25, 2011

Writing it all down

I was thinking tonight as I was giving Kendall her bath that I just don't write enough down. I want to remember every single moment in her life and to do that I need to start writing more of it down. If I could just come up with a system that would allow me to do so I would be so much better at this! However, my blog has really helped tremendously.

I use to be extremely good at writing things down. Well that was before I had a cute baby girl. I would write everything in my planner in high school. I mean everything right down to what I did that day and sometimes even what I ate for the day. When I was getting married I wrote every single detail in a binder so I wouldn't forget anything. When I was getting married I also did weight watchers and I wrote down EVERYTHING that entered my mouth and sometimes that was scarey! But, now that I have had Kendall I just forget to do it and that leads to forgetting the important everyday moments that occur.

I have been trying to think of a system that works for me. I couldn't possibly write down everything as it happens because for one I don't have the time to do that as I chase a busy 13 month old around and two I would have posts it ALL over my house, which would become over whelming to say the least.
So I come back to my blog. This blog has saved me with so many memories and I should make sure it saves me with so many more. I need to start blogging daily about the happenings in our house because honestly some of them are quite humorous!! Kendall has become quite the character and I certainly want to remember those moments so that when she is older I can share them with her:)
So here goes nothing, a few things that I never want to forget about this sweet baby girl!

1. Kendall will be 13 months tomorrow and this month she has added so many syllables to her vocabulary.

-She now says thank you (vank eeeew) when you hand her something.

- She loves to run around dropping things and saying uhoh over and over again.

- and EVERYONE is mama! I mean everyone.

- She points at the cats and dogs and says kitty and doggie (oggie)

2. Kendall loves to give us kisses. She puckers her lips up like a fish and kisses away, but sometimes she opens her mouth and licks you right when you go to give her a kiss! It is so funny:)

3. She thinks it's funny when she sneezes or we sneeze. She loves to fake sneeze too and it is adorable!

I don't ever want to forget these everyday moments!!
Do you have a system that helps you keep track of the wonderful things your children do and sa


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I use my blog too :) But I also have pads of paper all over the house...and I write random stuff that Brookie says down on those papers and then pile them all in a certain place in my scrap bag altogether...About once a year I do a lo also on the things she says!! My next one is actually posting on my blog on the 30th! :) Loveeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Sonya said...

I started doing a daily journal for myself because I wanted to record things that were happening. I'm hoping this will carry over when I have kids since I'm in the habit now.

deb famularo said...

This is so awesome Christy! I wish I was still writing things down. So don't stop!!! That photo of you guys is precious!! Kendall is getting cuter and cuter every day! Give her a kiss from me! xoxo