Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Life Update!

I haven't participated in Project Life Tuesday in weeks. I haven't had time to participate in Project Life Tuesday in weeks!

I made time tonight though to organize my pictures, date my pictures, and completed catch up on my journaling! So proud of myself, because I was so far behind that I could have easily just given up on this project, but I refuse because I already enjoy so much looking back at last years album and all the fun things we did each week last year:)

I was behind on journaling by about a month.

The first thing I had to do was go through my pictures, pick the picture for each day, label it for that day, and then file it in my project life folder on the computer. Next, I went through my journaling cards and wrote for each day. I have to admit that it wasn't that bad. It took me about 20 minutes to catch up on my journaling.

I also have to admit that I missed a few days in April. I missed about 6 days. But you know what that is much better than missing all 30 days. I got 23 out of 29. Not. Bad.

The next thing on my to do list is to put the days on my pictures before I print them. I have printed my pictures about to about the middle of March. I haven't gotten them in my album, but I will this weekend (Once I find them!!)
I have a few more goals that I would like to set for the month of May:

-Take a picture at least once a day EVERY day in the month of May.
- Carry my camera to work with me a few times a week so that I can capture some of the everyday happenings in my life at work:)
- DO NOT use my Iphone camera for any pictures. I have done that way too much this year and I don't like it because the quality of pictures is terrible!
- Get all of my pictures printed and inserted in my album.

I can't praise Becky Higgins and Project life anymore than I already have.

This is the absolute best Scrapbooking kit I have EVER purchased along with one of the very few projects I can say I kept up with! I am so very proud of my project life albums:) If their were a fire in my house these would be the first items I would grab before making an exit out of my house. Not kidding!

So, since I haven't gotten a chance to play along with Project Life Tuesday I thought I would share with my favorite April Photos! Here Goes and please note I have done ZERO editing to these pictures:

Have a great weekend:)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Those photos are ADORABLE! I loveeeeeee that last one! Too cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Paige said...

Ah, I've been so behind in everything lately. I absolutely love those photos and that last one made me giggle, how adorable!

deb famularo said...

Hi Christy!!
It amazes me how much you have done, and how you've kept with it!!! Good girl! These photos are so cute!!! Love your goals for may- good luck and have fun! xOxO

~BridgetL~ said...

Great photos Christy. I love your new blog look. too cute :)