Friday, April 29, 2011

Project Life Update!

I haven't participated in Project Life Tuesday in weeks. I haven't had time to participate in Project Life Tuesday in weeks!

I made time tonight though to organize my pictures, date my pictures, and completed catch up on my journaling! So proud of myself, because I was so far behind that I could have easily just given up on this project, but I refuse because I already enjoy so much looking back at last years album and all the fun things we did each week last year:)

I was behind on journaling by about a month.

The first thing I had to do was go through my pictures, pick the picture for each day, label it for that day, and then file it in my project life folder on the computer. Next, I went through my journaling cards and wrote for each day. I have to admit that it wasn't that bad. It took me about 20 minutes to catch up on my journaling.

I also have to admit that I missed a few days in April. I missed about 6 days. But you know what that is much better than missing all 30 days. I got 23 out of 29. Not. Bad.

The next thing on my to do list is to put the days on my pictures before I print them. I have printed my pictures about to about the middle of March. I haven't gotten them in my album, but I will this weekend (Once I find them!!)
I have a few more goals that I would like to set for the month of May:

-Take a picture at least once a day EVERY day in the month of May.
- Carry my camera to work with me a few times a week so that I can capture some of the everyday happenings in my life at work:)
- DO NOT use my Iphone camera for any pictures. I have done that way too much this year and I don't like it because the quality of pictures is terrible!
- Get all of my pictures printed and inserted in my album.

I can't praise Becky Higgins and Project life anymore than I already have.

This is the absolute best Scrapbooking kit I have EVER purchased along with one of the very few projects I can say I kept up with! I am so very proud of my project life albums:) If their were a fire in my house these would be the first items I would grab before making an exit out of my house. Not kidding!

So, since I haven't gotten a chance to play along with Project Life Tuesday I thought I would share with my favorite April Photos! Here Goes and please note I have done ZERO editing to these pictures:

Have a great weekend:)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Writing it all down

I was thinking tonight as I was giving Kendall her bath that I just don't write enough down. I want to remember every single moment in her life and to do that I need to start writing more of it down. If I could just come up with a system that would allow me to do so I would be so much better at this! However, my blog has really helped tremendously.

I use to be extremely good at writing things down. Well that was before I had a cute baby girl. I would write everything in my planner in high school. I mean everything right down to what I did that day and sometimes even what I ate for the day. When I was getting married I wrote every single detail in a binder so I wouldn't forget anything. When I was getting married I also did weight watchers and I wrote down EVERYTHING that entered my mouth and sometimes that was scarey! But, now that I have had Kendall I just forget to do it and that leads to forgetting the important everyday moments that occur.

I have been trying to think of a system that works for me. I couldn't possibly write down everything as it happens because for one I don't have the time to do that as I chase a busy 13 month old around and two I would have posts it ALL over my house, which would become over whelming to say the least.
So I come back to my blog. This blog has saved me with so many memories and I should make sure it saves me with so many more. I need to start blogging daily about the happenings in our house because honestly some of them are quite humorous!! Kendall has become quite the character and I certainly want to remember those moments so that when she is older I can share them with her:)
So here goes nothing, a few things that I never want to forget about this sweet baby girl!

1. Kendall will be 13 months tomorrow and this month she has added so many syllables to her vocabulary.

-She now says thank you (vank eeeew) when you hand her something.

- She loves to run around dropping things and saying uhoh over and over again.

- and EVERYONE is mama! I mean everyone.

- She points at the cats and dogs and says kitty and doggie (oggie)

2. Kendall loves to give us kisses. She puckers her lips up like a fish and kisses away, but sometimes she opens her mouth and licks you right when you go to give her a kiss! It is so funny:)

3. She thinks it's funny when she sneezes or we sneeze. She loves to fake sneeze too and it is adorable!

I don't ever want to forget these everyday moments!!
Do you have a system that helps you keep track of the wonderful things your children do and sa

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a great Easter! As you can see year 2 of the Easter Bunny went quite like year 1! She wasn't so much in love with the idea of being so close to him, but she enjoyed seeing him from afar!

Have a great day with your families!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This has been a crazy week and a half....

I am BARELY...and I mean BARELY hanging in there.

To say this week and a half have been rough would be an understatement...but I will make it with only 26 schools days left for the kids and 29 for me I can DO this!!

My motto: Be thankful for the blessings in your life..just when you think you have it bad remember someone else out there has it much worse!

Enjoy the rest of your week:)

Can't wait to spend my summers with this sweetie at the pool!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

LL Bean

When I was pregnant with Kendall Jen got me the cutest LL bean backpack with Kendall's name on it!

We have been using it to go to the zoo and now back and forth to the sitters. It really has become quite handy to have around. I just throw it in the car and we are ready to go!
Tonight Chris thought it would be funny to empty it out (which means I have to reorganize everything in it!) And put it on Kendall.(Remember when I told you how I can't get Kendall's clothes back on her after I change her diaper? Well it still holds true and it has gotten worse. Most of the time I fight her lol, but tonight I was getting ready to give her a bath so I didn't bother! Choose your battles ya know?
She was so funny walking around with her backpack. She is looking so big these days and it makes me such a sad mama, but such a happy mama too because I get to watch this healthy baby girl grow up everyday!
Oh help me if this child has to take her own spoon AND Desitin to kindergarten with her haha!
How blessed am I to be HER mama! Yes that is me laying on the couch. I have had a terrible, terrible headache tonight. Really hoping it is this weather and it is going to go away!

Really. Hoping!

Have a great Tuesday everyone:)

Oh have I mentioned we have 32 days til summer vacation here!!! YIPPEE!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Some of my loves this weekend!

Daisies in the Spring on my kitchen table (They are over a week old and starting to die) A small bucket of daisies and ivy on my window sill in the kitchen. The person that gave me the bucket of daisies gave Kendall this small bucket of daisies. So sweet!

An old purse that feels new for the spring time!

The Easter Bunny on my Happy Everything Plate.

This cutie butt in her Little Mermaid jammies that make her look like such a big girl and sorta makes me a little sad!
Tomorrow we go back to work. I am sure Kendall is super excited to see Trinette and the other babies but I am sad to go back to work. ONLY 37 kids school days left til summer for our county! I am so ready:) Summer can't come soon enough:)

Have a great Monday everyone!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bitty Baby

For Kendall's Birthday Aunt Kathleen got her a bitty baby!

I thought she was a little too young for a bitty baby but Kendall has proven me wrong!

She loves her bitty baby and I can't wait to take her to The American Girl store when she gets a little older! I know she will have a blast.

When she first opened her she could barely wait for me to get her out of the box. Then she started rocking her baby. So sweet and amazing to me that Kendall really takes in every single thing I do for her and transfers that to her baby! I think it's adorable!

Last weekend we went to a baby shower and Kendall took Bitty Baby in the car with her (I am not ready for this doll to leave my house or the car just yet!) On the way home she was so sweet hugging and loving on her. She fell asleep with the baby just so:)
And I am quite sure that in a few years she will be talking this little guy into playing house with her and her bitty baby:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Mantel

I am so sad that today is our last day of Spring Break. But it makes me excited to know that in 7 weeks we will be off for 8 weeks for summer vacation!!

Can't wait:)

I sure love the idea of being a stay at home mom more and more everyday:)

I worked on our mantel this week and thought I would show my progress! I think I will add a few more things to it before I am done!I love getting my decorations from Hobby Lobby!! They have the cutest things and I love their prices!
I picked up this grass piece from Pier One. Another one of my favorite places! I loved the butterflies in the grass:)I like the idea of decorating with candy, but my belly sure doesn't need it and these sweet tarts are my weakness for sure:)

I got our mantel done this week so I thought I would share!

Hope everyone enjoys thier weekend! When Kendall wakes up we are taking a walk to the park! the weather here has been unbelieveable:)

Go check out other great Spring mantels!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Organizing a little

OK so it would take me months to get things organized the way that I would love to have them organized, but I went through a few things yesterday while Kendall was at my mom and dads! I was able to get her toys in the basement under control

If under control is what you want to call it. I finally took some of her toys upstairs to her bedroom which creates another issue in itself! We have TOO Many toys, but I do have to say that Kendall plays with ALL of her toys!

Clear off this coffee table

I love displaying my Project Life book from last year on this table so that guests can view it when they come over!!
and take care of a major shoe issue!

Shoes will ALWAYS be an issue in this house and I am sure when we have a teenage girl here it will get even worse:)

I also got the kitchen cleaned up and the floor mopped! Didn't make it up the stairs with my camera!

I am so excited to be on Spring break and to get a little more accomplished this week!!

I love this time of year, except for the storms that are heading our way!!