Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Birthday Party! (Warning: picture HEAVY!)

I thought I would share with you the different things I did and made for Kendall's birthday party! Our theme was elephants and our colors were pink, green, and yellow!

A first birthday party takes A LOT of work! Wow were we worn out Saturday night!

Here are a few things that we did to prepare for Kendall's Party!First there is an Elephant Banner. It's pretty simple, but oh so cute and we had a lot of fun making it!!
What is a birthday without a cake table! I wish I would have gotten a closer shot of a few different things on this table. First the big elephant on the left is actually a jar full of pink, green, and yellow M&Ms...the green bucket on the right has spoons in it! I love these cupcake trees and I paid $5.00 for them at Wal Mart at Valentines. I know we will get SEVERAL uses out of them and they will be well worth the money....I loved the cupcake holders they matched the theme PERFECTLY!! And I used create a critter to make the cute cupcake toppers!In LOVE with this elephant cake. I have to say all I did was bake it, help with an ear and place the googley eyes...Jennifer did the rest and she did an AMAZING job on it!Of course the birthday girl had to have her OWN cupcake! It turned out super cute as well. Her banner says I am 1!!A close up of the cupcake and the banner. Super cute..I got the cupcake cake dish at Wal Mart during Valentine as well..Great idea for a baby's cake:)And what is a birthday without the cutest baby ever eating yummy hot pink icing!!What is an elephant party without a peanut goody box? There were only 4 kids at the party, but we loved giving out these little goody bags to them and they enjoyed them as well!And an elephant shirt for the birthday girl. Poor Kendall was not feeling good at all during her party, she was tired and has a top row of teeth trying to make their way in. Poor thing she did really good considering! This was the best I could get of her shirt, because she was fussy if Chris or I weren't holding her!And this was something I displayed at the party. These are Kendall's purple chair pictures every month! I so enjoyed looking at this. I LOVE this frame. I am not much on silver frames so when I saw this at Hobby Lobby I fell in love with it. I will take another picture when we hang it in Kendall's room! We are trying to decide if we will keep her initials in the middle or put a picture of her eating cake!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Worn Out!

This weekend we had Kendall's first birthday party and now I am WORN OUT! I am treading through the next four days to make it to Spring Break! I can't wait to have a week off with Kendall to relax! We have NOTHING planned and I am so ready..... This is just a short post to let ya know I am still here but I am just tired and worn out! Hopefully I will regain my energy over my break and come back a new blogging woman! Now that Kendall's birthday is over we should be able to relax and enjoy ourselves! Hahs that's funny to say being we have a TODDLER in all:)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A 1 year old....

I can't believe that tomorrow I will have a 1 year old. It's hard to beleive that we went from this...

To this...
I will remember this day last year forever...laying on the bed in the doctor's office when my water "broke".....spending 16 hours in labor with my epidurel falling out and vomiting.....

to holding my sweet baby for the first time....from being incredibly tired to even more incredibly tired....

to spending my first summer at home with my sweet little girl...

to leaving her for the first time with the sweetest sitter I have ever know...
to eating solids for the first time..
to crawling..and quickly walking....
to babbling for hours....

laughing, crying, pouting, fit throwing....

I am in awe every day that I look at her that she really is a perfect mix between Chris and I.
This morning I told Chris I couldn't believe it had already been a year and he said time flies when your having fun...boy is he right!!
I love her to pieces and couldn't imagine not having her now:)

I can't wait to spend her birthday with her tomorrow and her party on Saturday, but boy am I exhausted from getting it all ready!

Can't wait to sure all the details of her party with you!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have been pretty MIA lately. There has been SO much going on around here.

Today was a BEAUTIFUL Spring sunny warm day and we enjoyed it! Makes me even MORE ready for spring/summer than I already am!

Here are a few pictures I took of Kendall today.

Today was her last 1st holiday! I can't believe that my little girl will be 1 next Friday! INSANE!

I have been busy getting her party ready, working in my classroom, and remodeling parts of our house! I will share pictures of ALL of that some day I am sure.

Poor Kendall refuses to keep any bows or ponies in her hair and it DRIVES me bananaS! Hopefully she will outgrow this one day because is going to be blessed with lots of hair...

Hope ya'll had a great St. Patty's day and enjoy your weekend I know we will!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Purple Chair

I can't even believe that in two weeks I will add the last picture for her first year in her purple chair. Doesn't. even. seem. real.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I can't believe I made it to another week of Project Life Tuesday! I didn't think I would get this post done tonight but I talked myself into it:) So glad I did! This week has some of my favorite pictures in it!

I am ALMOST caught up on my journaling have about three weeks to catch up on which I am going to do after I post this!

Enjoy our week and don't forget to stop by:

February 25: I can't believe this little girl is already 11 months old! Wow where has time gone! I still remember when she could barely sit in this chair or wouldn't sit anywhere for that matter without screaming:)

February 26: Today we took Kendall to Dr. Seuss story time at Target. Chris took this picture before we left that night to go to an auction.

February 27: I am in love with this picture right now. It is SO Kendall's personality!

February 28: Chris sent me this picture of Kendall in her bed this morning. She loves to sleep on her belly!

March 1: Kendall had her first kid's meal at Mcalisters tonight and ate every bit of her mac and cheese:)

March 2: I am at a conference this week on thinking strategies and my brain is already fried!
March 3: I know this is horrible, but Kendall LOVES to play with Chris' phone especially when he turns Mickey Mouse on it! I know terrible, but she doesn't sit like this very long I promise!
Thanks for stopping by and if your knew to my blog I do hope you will come back!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

I am attending a strategic thinking conference this week so I haven't had time to edit my pictures, which I really don't do, but I haven't been able to add the days of the week to them either. I have to confess: I have done good taking pictures everyday, but I have been horrible about journaling each week, which makes me so upset because that was the best thing I did last year! Thank goodness I have all of my journaling for this year on my blog or I would be in some major trouble:) I have journaled the first three weeks of the year so I have to catch up. Maybe by next Tuesday I can be all caught up!

Anyways I still wanted to link up and share my pictures for the week at the Mom Creative.

4 of my 7 pictures are from my Iphone camera too, which doesn't take the best pictures but it's the one that I always have on me! I haven't uploaded those pictures yet, so I hope you wil enjoy the ones that are here! Sorry I am slacking this week! I usually do really good with this post!

Enjoy our week:) And thanks for stopping by, I hope you will come back to visit!

Friday: Kendall thinks that it is so funny to play with the laundry basket when I am trying to fold her clothes. Tonight she got in it and put it on top of her head!

Saturday: It was a pretty nice day so I took Kendall and Tripp for a stroll in the wagon. I love that they are holding hands. They are so sweet to one another!

Sunday: I love this sweet little face to pieces. I could just eat her up!

Monday: it was a rainy day so we put Kendall in her raincoat this morning. IT was so cute, but she didn't enjoy the ruffles on the arms haha she's a mess!

Wednesday: We are ALWAYS looking for pacis. It's amazing that we have 100s of them and can never find one. I found all of these behind Kendall's bed tonight. She throws them in the middle of the night and this is where they end up!

Tuesday: We gave Kendall some bananas chopped up tonight and she did really good eating them. Chris thought she needed a spoon to eat with so she wouldn't be so messy. Isn't he so cute?

Thursday: I love that Kendall knows to open a book and babble at the pages. Just the beginning of a fluent reader:)

Have a great week!