Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sketchy Thursdays

I am having a lot of fun playing around with the Sketches over at Sketchy Thursdays and I am SO tired of winter and ready for summertime so I thought I would make a summer layout tonight! I loved Kendall in her little bikini this summer and it makes me so sad that she looks so little in these pictures!
I love this Echo Park Paper too!!
I am so not a photographer as you can tell and I am not good at all at taking pictures of my layouts! Any suggestions are welcomed:)
Have a happy Friday!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day!

Today was our SIXTH snow day and I am SO over them!! I can't wait for spring!!

Chris and I had fun taking Kendall out in the snow today though:)Getting all ready! Laughing at the snow:)
Here I come!!

Down the hill!!
OK now I mean

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project Life: Week 3

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday where I show you a picture a day for my entire week! Please make sure you stop by Jessica Turner's blog for:

Friday January 14: Kendall is so cute sitting in her high chair! I just love feeding her every night. She is so funny and makes the silliest faces! But when she doesn't want something watch out because she will knock it out of your hands! (Taken from IPhone)

Saturday January 15: Kendall stayed with mom and dad while we went to the basketball game today. I think it is so funny that Kendall can't stand shoes! I put her brown boots on her this morning and she couldn't wait to get them off:) (Taken from IPhone)

Jan 16: Kendall LOVES snacks. Ok let's be honest here Kendall LOVEs food. She is just like her mommy and daddy:) She wants anything in sight now and I feel bad eating anything in front of her because she wants it so bad!

Jan. 17: Loved spending my day off with this sweet little face!

Jan 18: Teresa asked me to make her a hairbow holder for a friends Grandaughter. I love the way this turned out. They are doing ladybugs as the babies room so I thought this would fit perfectly!!

Jan 19: We are expecting snow tomorrow and I am so TIRED of hearing about the weather. I just want bright sunny skies and a high of 70 is that too much to ask for??

Jan 20: Kendall's two bottom teeth are in and you can tell! She loves to play with them and I am sure they feel really werid to her! I catch her with her tongue on them all the time! It's so funny.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday NIght Fab Five: Handmade Stores!!

Welcome to Friday Night Fab Five! And I promise you don't want to miss out on Maggi's Blogaversy giveaways so head over to her blog NOW!! I am in love with today's giveaway and would LOVE to win it!!!

This week I have been searching HARD for a sweet little birthday shirt for Kendall's 1st birthday! I have looked at etsy for HOURS trying to find the perfect one!
I will share it with you when I finally figure it out:)
But today I thought I would share with you some of my favorite handmade sites I have found so far:) I have not purchased anything from any of these shops YET!(I have purchased from the last shop I lied!) I am working on it, so here goes nothing:) (Sorry I don't want to use pictures from these sites because I do not have any of their permission but please do click on their links it will be so worth it I promise!!
Absolulety Adorable applique shirts!! I can NOT wait to see what she has in store for Kendall's first birthday shirt. I know it will be so sweet! And her prices are so reasonable!
This etsy shop girl is currently living in my hometown! She is also a sorority sister of my best friend! She is so super creative with paper and I am obsessed with paper...any kind! She makes the sweetest birthday banners. If your looking for any type of birthday theme I am sure Sammye Jo can come up with it for you:)
I order this blogger and she is also from my hometown and we are BOTH tired of S-N-O-W!! I have been snooping in her store for quite some time now and I would love to get my hands on anything in that store, but most of all I love her scallopped button flowers, mini paper bag albums, and her bottle cap embellishments!! She also has some great scrapbooking calendars put together for you to create yourself!! One day I will be buying from her VERY soon:)
I adore the pleated poppy as well. I have wanted to buy something from her store for quite some time as well! See a trend here lol! I am just waiting for the perfect item to catch my eye:) Although I would love to have one of everything in her store:) I would Love to have a wristlet or a covered notebook!! So very cute and fashionable:)
I have told you before that I am a paper attic. I especially love notepads and stationary. These girls make the cutest stationary, address labels, gift tags, and anything else paper you can think! I have to say I do have some of their stationary and had their address labels and they were the cutest I have ever had! Go check them out!!
I hope you clicked on at least one of my links because I know you won't be disappointed!!
Have a great weekend and stay warm!! It's FREEZING here and snow everywhere!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Play I did!!

I am so excited that I got to do a little scrapbooking tonight. Well actually I am heading back up there in just a few minutes just wanted to take a few minutes to share this page with you!

It's a simple page but I love it!
I decided to play along with Sketchy Thursdays after seeing the cute sketch over at Sweet Julie's blog!
So here is what I came up with:

Most of all of my paper is from the Becky Higgins Sweet Baby Kit (I tried to find the link to this kit but it looks like it's gone and I might cry because I wanted to order another for our next child(ren) and I will be sad if it's no longer available!)

The elephant is from Cricut Cart Create a Critter which is my newest most fav. Cart! In. Love. is all I can say about this cart! You need it if you have a cricut!

Anyways hope you enjoyed my layout:)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ladybug Bow Holder

My mother-in-laws friend is going to be a grandma so she asked me to make her sweet like grandaughter Maggie Grace this bow holder and a few bows!!

I thought it turned out pretty cute and they are so easy to make!!

All the supplies are from Hobby Lobby except for the ladybug. I am not sure where it came from I am thinking someone sent it to me in a stash:)

Sorry my pictures are not that great, but I had a lot of fun making this bowholder!

We are suppose to get 3-6 inches of snow by Friday. Anyone else SO ready for Spring?? I know I am:)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project Life Tuesday: Week 2

Thanks for stopping by Project Life Tuesday on my blog! Don't forget to stop by The Mom Creative to enjoy more project life Tuesday posts!

Project Life Tuesday is a look at my past week Friday-Thursday with a picture a day! Thanks to Becky Higgins, Project Life:)

Hope you enjoy my week and thanks for stopping by I appreciate it! I love all my followers and love new ones as well;)

Friday January 7: Kendall is in LOVE with her power wheel. It amazes me that she knows exactly what to do and how to make this thing go all by herself!

Saturday January 8: Kendall is so funny when she eats something new. She shows it all over her face. I am pretty sure she has texture issues, but at the same the girl eats just about anything you put in front of her:)

Sunday January 9: I got a new camera for Christmas! This is just a camera that I can carry with me in case I don't have my Rebel on hand! I am so glad to have a camera that I can just throw in the diaper bag and go!

Monday January 10: This is what I have been working out to the past week! I LOVE Turbo Jam and can't say enough great things about it! The BEST workout Ever!

Tuesday January 11: Today was a snow day so Kendall and I just hung out at home for the day. So over snow days and I am sure they are not done just yet:(
Wednesday January 12: I made a new camera strap for my Rebel! I think I like it and I didn't do too bad on my first one I don't think:)

Thursday January 13: Kendall has been blessed with her mommy's wild and crazy hair. And it looks like it is going to start curling in the back here very soon!

Thanks for stopping by hope your enjoying your week:)

Photoshop Help: I could really use some photoshop help. I have been trying to crop my Iphone pictures to 2X3. However, when I THINK I have it cropped to a 2X3 and I got to put it on a blank 4X6 it is way too big OR way too small. What am I doing wrong? Are the deminisions not what they say they are? This has always been a problem with me. I can't figure out how to do ANY resizing on photoshop. Wish I knew what I was doing wrong??

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life Tuesday 2011 Week 1

Today is the first Project Life Tuesday 2011! I love Jessica's new button for Project Life this year. How awesome that Becky Higgin's designer created it for her! Enjoy my week and don't forget to stop by every Tuesday for
Dec 31: Jennifer, Brad, and Tripp came over to spend the New Year with us. We had lots of fun eating yummy food, watching the kids play, and then playing games ourselves! It was a lot of fun:)
Jan 1: I worked for a long time today on my PL2010. I got it about as done as I am going to. Doing this projecyt has been the brst decision I made with my pictures yet!! So excited to organize 2011!

Jan. 2: Buddy came over to do Christmas with Kendall. He got her this wagon and I can't wait to pull her around in it this Spring:)

Jan 3: I love decorating for Holidays especially when it is all about my favorite color Pink!!!

Jan. 4: When I saw this at PBK I had to get it for Kendall!! She is a cute little piggy.
Jan. 5: I started weight watchers on Monday and every since this has been my breakfast of choice!!
Jan 6: Tonight we met Jennifer, Tripp and Brad at Mcalisters and Tripp had his first kids meal! I think Kendall wanted his food more than he did. We will not have any problems with our little girl eating!
Thanks for stopping by I am so excited about the new year and what is in store for our family!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Night Fab Five: My five favorite Project life weeks for 2010!

My sweet blogger friend Maggi always does Friday Night Fab five and I have played along a few times so I thought I would start it up again! It's so much fun. Friday night fab fun is where I list five of my favorites!

This week I thought I would do five of my favorite project life Tuesday Posts since next week starts the first week of the new year for my project life!

I wanted to do just pictures but there is NO way I could only pic five with the great year we had:)

So here goes nothing!!

1. The week of January 1 I was so excited about my first week of Project Life

2. The week of April 2 The first Tuesday post that included Kendall

3. The week of June 28 My last day of school for summer vacation!

4. The last week of February So close to Kendall's arrival!

5. The week of December 24 Kendall's first Christmas:)

I am so excited to see what Project life 2011 will look like!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Life: Week of December 24

Today is the last week of Project Life Tuesday for 2010. I am proud to say that my book is over 95 percent of the way finished. I have about 14 pictures left to print and then I am calling it done! I am so proud of how much I invested into this book and what it will mean to my family in years to come. I already love looking at it and what we do on this day last year! So much fun and I recommend Project Life to EVERYONE not just scrapbookers!

Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative for:

Dec. 24: Today was Kendall's first Christmas EVE! We had a busy day celebrating Teresa's birthday, going to chruch, and doing Christmas with my family. Kendall got this stroller from my mom. She loves pushing it around. You can tell that I have a hard time getting her diaper changed because she gets away from me before I can get her buttoned back up and her pants on. I am lucky to get the diaper on her:)Dec. 25: Christmas was a busy day for us. First we did Santa with Kendall, then Grandmas, then Grandma Giles, and to Teresa's. By the end of the day we were wiped out and Kendall was way spoiled! Christmas just also happened to be Kendall's nine month birthday! Dec. 26: Today is Tripp's first birthday. I just can't believe it's been one year. I will never forget visiting Tripp in the hospital and Jen telling me all about labor to prepare me for that day:) Tripp didn't want anything to do with the cake on his birthday!

Dec. 27: Kendall and I spent the day at home relaxing and playing with all her new toys. She loves her house.
Dec. 28: Today Kendall had her nine month appointment. Poor little girl had to get two shots. I can't believe that she is already nine months old. She is getting so big!

Dec. 29: Chris took off today and we went to the Newport Aquarium. This is one of the few pictures I got before my camera died. I think Chris said this turtle is 112 years old! AMAZING!

Dec. 30: Zoey had a rough night last night. I felt so bad for her. Her anal gland ruptured and now she had to wear this for 7 days:(

Thanks for stopping by and come back next week for our first week of January 2011!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One=SUCESS!!

OK OK who fails on day one? Not many I am sure but I am proud of myself. My first day back to work, I followed weight watchers to a T (I still have 2 points left), I did zumba for 20 minutes, and I am PROUD of myself:) I know I can do it, but it's just sticking to it!!

Anyone else doing the new weight watchers program? It is quite different than the old program that I have done for at least 6 years off and on so it's definitely going to take some getting use to that's for sure! We will see if it works for me like the old system did! If not I can do the old one on my own:)

My goal is to lose 15 pounds before Kendall turns 1. I. think. I. Can. I am going to try really hard to not eat out as much and resist the foods I really, really want to eat. I am going to try even harder to work out at least 3-4 days a week. This has been a tough goal for me because I DESPISE working out. I have never liked working out and I probably never will. It's just me. The whole time I am working out I am thinking of five hundred other things that I would MUCH rather be doing!

So day 1 a complete success. I'll let you know the rest of the week goes here very soon!!
Tonight before Kendall went to bed she helped me do some laundry! Definitely the POTD:)
Tomorrow is my last post of Project Life Tuesday for the 2010 year! Come back and visit to see our Christmas in pictures:)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year: A New Me!

Funny title lol!

Probably won't be a new me but that's alright. I am not much on making New Year Resolutions, but this year I do have a few goals and things I would like to work on and continue to work on throughout the entire year!

Here they are!

First I would like to get Kendall back on a normal sleeping schedule. She has (KNOCK ON WOOD) slept for at least 12 hours the past three nights, which has been amazing!! I would like to get her in bed by 8:30 during the week so that I can get some things done at night while she is asleep which leads me to my next goal,

Reorganize and restructure myself. Having a baby takes every organizational skill you have and throws it in the garabage! Or at least it did for me:) I need to start making my lists at home and work again, keeping bills and other important papers organized in our office at home, keep myself organized at work which has been extremely hard this year, and just organize a few other things in my life!! This goal could be a post in itself because there are so many strings attached to it that I could go on and on about places and things I want organized, so I will just tell you as it happens!

Lastly, I would like to get back to my pre baby weight before Kendall turns one! I think I can do it. I have three months to lose 15 pounds and there are NO excuses now. I am starting weight watchers tomorrow and I am going to start working out as often as possible! I am holding myself to it because I am tired of complaining to people about the way that I look and feel when I am the one that can control it! We will see how it goes:) I will keep you updated! I am going to try to take monthly pictures and maybe when I start seeing the difference I will post them on here haha!
Our big 9 month old little girl!!

I hope everyone had a great new year and you all are ready for this new year. I know I am! This is going to be a great year for our family!!

Enjoy your week:)