Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Day Kendall Was Born!

I am finally feeling a little better so I thought I would write a post about the day our little girl came into this world!
On Wednesday March 24 we went to the doctor for first our ultrasound to see how big our little girl would weigh. As soon as she put the ultrasound on my belly she asked me if I was diabetic. I knew that wasn't a good question and I also knew where she was going with that question. We looked at Kendall to see that everything was going good and that she still looked like a healthy little girl. Then she said now don't panic, but according to this ultrasound which is only an estimate and can be off a pound up or down, Kendall weighs 8 pounds 14 ounces! I almost died thinking I was going to be delivering this baby that could be almost a 9 pound baby! Thinking that sent my blood pressure up just a bit!

So after the ultrasound we went for our check up with our doctor. We got back in her office and she checked her heartbeat and the size of my belly. Then she checked me to see how dilated I was. I was still at about 4-5 cent. and 80% effaced. I was disappointed I thought for sure I would be sent straight from her office to the hospital. Well she kept feeling around almost like she was stripping my membrane again and then I felt a GUSH of water and it just wouldn't stop! It was EVERYWHERE! She said looks like your having a baby! We were then a direct admit to the hospital, which was nice because we didn't have to sit in triage for hours!
We went to labor and delivery and registered and then asked where to go. They wanted to send us to triage but we knew we weren't suppose to go there. They figured it out too and sent us straight back to labor delievery where we got a room and I got hooked up to every type of moniter imagined (At least for me because I have never had any sort of hospital stay nor have I ever even had an IV put in).
Soon they came in to give me my epidural, which wasn't bad at all because I still wasn't feeling labor pains. It made my whole body feel like it was freezing cold though.
We LOVED the nurses that were there with us from 345-700. They were wonderful and we were so sad to see them go. We didn't have as good of an experienc with our night nurse as we did our day time nurses. She didn't seem to want to help us at all and when I was in discomfort she just blew it off. Thank goodness she took me serious when I said I was feeling the contractions. My epidural had fallen out and thankfully it was well before I was ready to deliver. It was so painful and now I can't say that I didn't experience any labor pains ha! Once they got that back in I was fine except the blood pressure cuff was KILLING my arm.
It was so tight. I think the cuff was way too small for me. Actually my arm is still sore from having it on. The night nurse wouldn't let me take it off, but the morning nurses finally pulled it off of me since my pressure had been fine the whole time.

The nurses I had on Wednesday said they really hoped I was gone before they came back but if I wasn't they would see me in the morning! Well we were still there and they had called that morning to see if they could have us back and we were so excited for that. They were such great nurses and I couldn't be any happier that they were the ones that got to help deliver Kendall.

Oh by the way I was 10 cent. at 4 in the morning, but the night nurse just kept telling me that I wasn't ready to push. As soon as the morning nurses got there they said honey you are ready! They got there at 7 and Kendall made her arrival at 7:50 AM! I pushed for about 20 minutes or so and she came right out ready to meet the world. And she only weighed 7lbs 14oz!! And she is beautiful!!
We are so blessed to have such a sweet healthy baby girl in our lives now and just love watching her change everyday. We are very lucky parents! (Our new family of 3!)

and Zoey likes her new baby sister too:)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

She Made Her Arrival!

I haven't blogged in a few days because yesterday we just got back from the hospital! Kendall Rae was born on Thursday March 25 at 7:50 in the morning after 16 hours of labor! It was a LONG 16 hours but we love her more than anything in the world! I will post my labor story later. I have been in A LOT of pain with my stitches and taking lots of SITS baths...but it is all worth it to see this face EVERY day when I wake up!!
Hopefully I will get myself in routine with Kendall Rae!! Our new Family:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

Today was our first false alarm. I was bleeding and thought it was the start of labor. But, after one hour on the moniter they sent me home! (I'm not going to use this picture, but put the actual bracelet in the book!)

We were ver lazy today! I stayed in my PJs all day. Chris did get up to move some fish eggs out of a females mouth.
SUNDAY: Picture still on my camera! I cleaned the entire house today! I mopped, dusted, vacumned and finsihed all the laundry. We will see how long it lasts:) We had a lazy day after work tonight. I didn't do any cleaning or work. Just laid on the couch like lazy people.
TUESDAY: I was so excited to finally get my hair done today! My sweet hairdresser got Kendall this cute little outfit! (Still on my camera!)

Brad didn't like it but we let Tripp test out Kendall's gym mat and he seemed to like it! We think he needs on of his own:)

We had our 38 week appointment today! I am 4cm and she stripped my membrane! We will see when Kendall arrives.
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Patiently Waiting

We are patiently waiting for Kendall's arrival. I actually feel pretty good. Amazingly I slept great this weekend and haven't been feeling bad at all.

I had a little bit of a headache today, but that's normal for me.

Here is a picture Chris took of me before our appointment the other day. I am 38 weeks and 6 days in this picture!

We are getting more and more excited about Kendall's arrival and a little impatient for her to get here. I am sure she is waiting for when SHE Is ready to arrive and we will contine to patiently wait:)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

39 Weeks 2 Days!

I am now in my last, hopefully, week of pregnancy. I can't believe it's finally here because I NEVER thought I would make it to this point! We are very excited and just waiting for Kendall to come.

I am now 4cm dilated and my doctor striped my membrane Thursday. It obviously did have its effect on me. Thinking Kendall really likes it in my belly. Chris says she is nice and cozy and I believe it!

I am so glad that it is now Spring time. I love this time of year especially the warmer weather and the longer days. I also love the fact that we have 45 days until Summer Vacation! I will be missing 30 of those days so really I only have 15 days til summer vacation! That's very exciting.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Project Life Tuesday!

We got the carseat put in my car tonight. We are already to bring Kendall home from the hospital!
Today was the last CARDS game in Freedom Hall. After 54 years we are moving to a new arena. We had so much fun and we beat #1 Syracuse:)

Zoey is such a lazy little dog. She always falls asleep on Chris' lap, legs, or arms.

It was such a pretty day out today. We played outside with Zoey and Charley. We are so ready for Spring!

We cleaned our closet out today. It looks so much better. It needed it really bad! Wonder how long it will stay this way?
I have been working hard on finishing thank you notes. I definitely want them all done before Kendall gets here.
Milk doesn't last long in our house. We always buy 2 at a time. Chris has been waiting for the expiration date to be Kendall's due date. Today it was:)

Still waiting for Kendall's arrival:) She will be here before we know it!!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

False Alarm!

Yesterday while at work I started cramping in my lower back and abs. I was also bleeding a little and have NEVER done that before. My doctor did an exam on Thursday that was pretty rough and said I could have some spotting.

I called the doctor anyways. They sent me triage to get checked thinking maybe I was in the beginning stages of labor! NOPE not a chance. Still 3cm and 60% effaced.

Hopefully we will have NO more false alarms and the next time I am sitting in that triage bed is for real!

Today we have done absolutely nothing. It's the first time in I couldn't tell you how long I haven't gotten out of my pajamas ALL day. Have to say it feels pretty good:)

Only 13 days til Kendall's due date unless of course she comes early. My doctor said she would strip my membrane on Thursday if I haven't gone. Have you had that done? Tell me how bad it hurts please. I think I will probably go ahead and let her do it especially if I haven't progressed at all.

Chris and I are pretty ready for Kendall to make her appearance now!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project Life Tuesday!

A sweet little girl in my class got Kendall the cutest little gift. She brought her a carseat toy and some books. She also brought me some cookies and raisins. I thought it was very sweet of her. (Picture left off because I don't want to post pics. of my students on here!) After shopping all day with Jen and I Tripp was worn out. He couldn't even keep his pacey in his mouth:)
Ashley threw Kendall another baby shower! It was so sweet. Everyone brought Kendall a book for us to read. We got some really cute books. I had a great time hanging out with great friends!

Chris and I love to watch Big Bang Theory every Monday night. He found this shirt on Facebook and had to get it for me. I thought it was realyl funny!
Ask why the basketball game is already hanging up in the bathroom? Chris had to "test" it for Kendall who won't be using it for many months! He is a bigger kid then the one in my belly and I love it!
Kendall's bag is all packed! I couldn't get it shut because we have WAY too many outfits in there. Gonna have to go back through and weed some more out:)

Kendall is taking over our house. There is something of hers in almost every room in the house. We are getting use to it and we love seeing all of her things. We can't wait for her to get her so she can use all of it!

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Believe it or not I am ALL caught up on my book. I will post pictures of it someday soon:) I have to journal for this week, but I have my pictures printed and placed in the book all the way up to Friday February 26! I am VERY Proud of myself:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

37 Weeks!

Today I am 37 weeks. I have 3 more weeks. IF I make it that long:) My belly is pretty big and now I can feel some little toes and feet sticking out of my belly when she kicks. We can distinctly feel her feet, knees, and butt:) It's the coolest feeling ever. I am still trying to get everything ready and set for her to be here. But, when are you EVER completely ready?

Thursday we had our first weekly appointment and we were 2 CM dilated and 50 percent effaced! Can't wait to go back next Thursday to see what that brings me. I will keep eveyone updated.

I am so excited about a nice weekend with sunshine and 50 degree weather. Hope your getting to enjoy this beautiful weekend in your area as well:)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

Today I am 35 weeks! I am very excited and anxious for her to get here. I am very nervous about delivering but it will all worth it.
Today was my family shower. I can't believe all the people that showed up! THere were over 41 people in my house at one time! We got so many great things for Kendall and a lot of them were on our registry! It was nice to see all of our family before Kendall arrives!

Today we washed some of Kendall's clothes and towels. I love going through all her things and I can't wait for her to use them.
Tonight I worked on yearbook. I am almost finished with it. It's due March 1st. Ready to have it done and off my hands!
I washed this blanket that my grandma made for Kendall! I jsut lvoe the colors and how soft it is.

This is becoming Zoey's signature pose! Every time I take her picture she looks like this! It's so funny.
Today we bought the swing that goes iwth our Pack N Play. It was a pain, but Chris finally got it together.

Don't forget about

Hopefully I can get back into blogging soon! I miss visiting all of my favorite blogs and chatting with everyone. I finally submitted the rest of yearbook yesterday and I am ALMOST finished with my plans for my sub while I am on maternity leave. It is A LOT of work to be off from work when your a teacher:) Only 24 more days!!!!!!!