Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in my Purse?

I am participating in Working Mom Wednesday on my sweet friend Julia's blog. If you have a chance visit her! She's one of my favorite people I have been blessed to meet through the blogging world:)

Wanna play along? Grab the button from her blog and join us:) (Speaking of which Julia I totally need to change my bloggy button of yours on my page I'll try to do that tonight!!)

So what is in my purse. Probably everything UNDER the sun. Let's take a nice little look!

OK WAIT! Before I show you the disaster that is my purse let me say first when I brought home the milk I pumped at school yesterday it leaked and just happened to leak onto my purse, so last night I dumped EVERYTHING out of my purse.....well this morning when I woke up I totally forgot I dumped everything out and didn't put it all back together so guess what I did as I was rushing out the door to get K to the sitters and myself to work on time? Yes I threw it all back in there...LITERALLY threw everything back into my purse...OK now you may see the inside of my purse!!
Inside view...yes reciepts galore. If they didn't have my card information on them I would ask the store to keep them...I dislike them unless I bought clothing on them in which case I will probably take the clothing back so I need the reciept.

You think I like zipper pouches? OF course I do! There is one for my glasses, one for my giftcards, one for random things, one for coupons and lastly one little first aid kit.

Next, is my wallet which is so full right now that it won't close. Yes it is full of reciepts. Think I need to clean out the receipts? Maybe I need to quit shopping haha...AGAIN don't forget my purse was dumped out and quickly put back together this morning haha.....

And lastly a few random things...the check book which I usually don't carry in my purse, hand sanitizer, meds, pens, sunglasses, and lipgloss that I never wear haha!

Yah pictures are actually added!!
Thanks for stopping by to see what is in my purse I am off to organize it hahahahaha!


Julia said...

i'll be coming back when pictures are up!!!

ahhh... receipts, i hate them. but i hang on to them b/c i enter them individually into our budget. if i bought something, the money has to come from somewhere!!

i always have a diaper or two... or a pair of underwear.
speaking of which... um, not really, but ok... we need to get together!! we need to meet up half way!!! how fun!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeee this!! I used to be a carry a small purse only kinda gal...then my scrappin' came into play... hence a BIGGER camera...hence the need to CARRY it everywhere... hence a BIG purse now that can handle my camera and its case! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Susan DiMickele said...

Great pictures. And happy WMW (late!)