Monday, September 27, 2010

A few pictures!

I have honestly been so busy with work (A completely different post in itself) and I have a lot of pictures I would love to share with you guys from the past two months!
School has been crazy to say the least. I am teaching kindergarten and first grade and it's not easy at all!! I have left many days wondering if I will return in the morning because it is so stressful and HARD!
Like I said that is a post in itself, so I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures of Kendall from the past few weeks! ENJOY:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Fall is my absolute favorite season with Spring closely following behind.

I love the change of seasons especially going from extreme hot weather to cooler days and much colder nights.
I love putting on warm clothes, sweats, sweaters, and jackets.
And I am very excited about putting Kendall in all of these things!

I love her little onesie outfits with little legging pants. So cute:)

Today we have just hung around the house, I did a little decorating for fall, Chris and Kendall did some playing, and I went to the grocery and target!

It seems like we have been extremely busy the past month.

I am happy to say it is now going to slow down.

Tuesday I took off to take Kendall to her six month appointment and we are going to get her six month pictures taken in the morning. I am so excited I can't wait:)
I am looking forward to getting a few other things done as well such as our house cleaned and completely decorated, some projects Chris has going on completed:), a little scrapbooking done, and just enjoying the time just the three of us!
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and the nice weather if it around you!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 Months

Sorry this post will have no pics:(

We will finally be getting back to normal around here and hopefully I can share some pictures with you tomorrow. Chris was out of town for the last week and I don't stay by myself so we went to stay with my mom and dad' s for the week.

Today Kendall turned 6 months. I can't believe it! I won't say it goes by so fast because EVERYONE says that, but it does lol.

She is in to everything now. Not quite crawling yet, but learning to manuver her way around to get what she wants. And when she wants something she ever so determined to get it. I wonder who she gets that from! She has no patience either when she wants something:) That's alright because she is slowly learning how to get it herself lol!

I can't believe she is already half a year old. I love this age and I keep telling Kendall she can stay this age forever if she wants!

Sorry I haven't been much of a blogger lately and thanks for sticking with me!

Hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today 9 Years Ago

I was a senior in high school. Yes my senior year. We were sitting in sewing class and someone came running down the hallway screaming the twin towers have been hit.
We flipped the TV on to see everything unfolding, the second plane had just hit.

I being a 17 year old senior and maybe a little, OK a lot naive and very shelter, didn't realize the severity of this situation or what was quite going on.
It took a long time for it to sink it as I am sure it might have for many others.
One of our teacher's had a close family member working in those towers, he was paniced, praying, and waiting to hear the news. Fortunately for him the news was good and his family member was safe.

This was NOT the case for so many.
We watched the TV until our principal came over the intercom telling all teachers to turn off the TVs. They didn't want us to see the severity of what was coming. Can you blame them?
We stopped what we were doing, had a moment of silence, said a prayer and attempted to go about our day.
I wanted to talk to Chris, but had to wait til the end of the day.
The bell rang and we all raced to our cars to get home and see what was going on.
EVERY after school activity was canceled for that afternoon.
Every year on this day I sit.
I reflect about the day and the events that occured on 9/11

I think of all those that lost loved ones on that day and how lucky I am to live in the country of the red, white, and blue.

I thank our soliders as often as I can. Without them we wouldn't be the country that we are today.

We wouldn't be free.

We wouldn't have the educations we are free to recieve.

We wouldn't live the spoiled lives we do live.

I love our country and I love every single solider that has stood for what we believe and especially those that have lost their lives doing what they do.

I pray for all of those heavy hearts out there today as they are reminded of the tragedy that took a loved one from them.

I pray for all of those heavy hearts out there today that have lost a loved one who was fighting for our country.

I pray for all those heavy hearts out there that have family members still out protecting and fighting for our country.

I pray for those that are still fighting for our country becasue they believe in this nation.

I stand proud every time I hear our nation's anthem.

I stand proud everyday at school when our pledge is said and I hope I have taught my student's the importance of our country and to be proud of the nation we live in.

One of my student's has a parent who is currently deployed. I pray for the parent everyday I look at their child. We have conversation often about this parent and how he is protecting our country.

Being a mother for the first time on this day gives new meaning and feelings to this day. I want to protect my child from all evil in this world. It breaks my heart for those parents who also wanted to do the same for their children on this day 10 years ago as well as the parents who want to do this everyday as their child fights for our country.

I know my posts will probably not reach many soliders, but I could never ever thank them enough for what they have done for our country.

If you do protect our country and you are reading my post THANK YOU and thank your family for allowing you to do this incredible deed to protect us.

I can only thank you a million times through for protecting my family.

Today when we go to our home football game I will stand proud when the anthem is played and I will continue to pray for all the loved ones lost and those fighting for us everyday.

One Nation under God
With liberty and justice for all.

God bless America!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Softball Weekend

This weekend we went to Columbus Indiana for Chris' softball tournment.
We had a good time even though Chris' team didn't win. They didn't play very well but hopefully they are just saving up their good games for when they go to World in Disney World.
There are now four softball babies! And Brittany made all of the babies, which are ALL four girls these cute little hairbows. Then each one has a onesie with thier daddies name and number on them! They are so cute, I will have to get a better picture of them so that you can see how cute they are!
It was the first weekend with a little sign that fall is coming. I am so ready for a season change, but I really hope we all don't get sick.I had fun dressing Kendall in her cozier clothes. I love this velour suit that I got her when I was still pregnant. I had been waiting for a cool day to get it out and we finally had one this weekend.
She was so tired after being at the ballpark late at night:)
We also got to go to the outlet malls. I found A LOT of good deals and I will have to share those with you soon:) Kendall loves her little carrot, and I think it is so funny. She puts it in her mouth like she is eating it! She looks like Bugs Bunny:)

Kendall was pooped on our way home yesterday! She slept the entire way home!! It was only an hour and a half away, but I was so glad she got a good rest in!!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football Season is Here!!

In our home we LOVE football season!
We are Louisville Cardinal fans and this year I was even more excited to dress Kendall up in her Louisville gear!
A lot of her Louisville things have gotten too small for her so we are going to have to go shopping for some more (darn!)
Unfortunately our team didn't win this weekend. We were out of town so we didn't get to see the game because it was only played locally.
This was a huge game in our town. It was a rival game against Kentucky. We LOVE to beat Kentucky because we don't like listening to their fans. Sadly that wasn't the case this year. But, hopefully we will get them in baseketball this year.
We have football tickets and I can't wait to take Kendall to her first Cardinal football game! It will be so much fun:)
I have a LOT of posts that I want to get done and we have been very busy around here so I can't wait to get all these posts written and ready to post.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing labor day!