Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Scrapbooking Your Baby

I have been a scrapbooker since I was in the seventh grade! I didn't do it as much as I do now, but I remember when scraping consisted of cutting a picture with funky scissors, making a wavy line with an invisible pen, writing your story on it, and throwing some stickers on the page and being done with it! I love looking at my old scrapbooking pages and OK laughing at them! Scrapbooking has definitly come a long way and it seems often times we get stuck on all the "material" things out there for scrapbooking. I admit that I am a scrapbooking junkie. I have just about every tool, sticker, paper, pens, and glitter that you can get from Hobby Lobby, which is why I have promised myself I would scrap 30 pages before I bought another piece of scrapbooking materials.

Since I started blogging a year and a half ago, I have been reading Jessica Turner's Blog. She is such an inspiring person to me. She is a loving wife, mother and an amazing scrapbooking. Jessica has reminded me of the importance of scrapbooking in her class Big Picture Scrapbooking: Don't Blink. One of the most important things I have taken away from Jessica's class is the reminder that scrapbooking isn't about the "material" things you can buy to put on your page, but rather the memories in the pictures on the page. Taking the time to write your story in words on your pages is far more important than having the latest scrapbooking technique down.

I am so fortunate that I learned this great piece of advice from Jessica before Kendall was born so that I could be sure to focus on that while scraping her first year. I want Kendall to read the memories I have of her and not just look at all the pretty things on the pages! I want Kendall to cherish her books, which I am sure she will do no matter what they look like:)

I ask all of you to take a little time to remind yourselves of why you scrapbook whether you have children or not. Remember it is suppose to be fun and memorable as well! Don't get caught up in what it looks like, as I use to do, but get caught up in making sure you have gotten the full memory down on paper! Hopefully one day 100 years from now your great, great, great, grandchildren will be looking at these memories and you want them to have a full picture of what it was like to live in our times:)

IF you are a new mom or a mother just getting into scrapbooking you should really consider taking Jessica's Class! It is a great self pace class and I can't give it enough credit in teaching me the importance of scrapbooking my babies first years:) Right now you can get her class for a discount of 20% off by using the code blogblink. I promise it will be well worth your time to take this class!

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laterg8r said...

i'm with you on this. i think the story is the most important thing and what you will cherish later on. the 'beauty' pages will still be pretty but won't hold the same memories.

i am going to check out that blog, tfs :D