Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School's Out For SUMMER:)

I am so super excited that it is now summer vacation! I will get to spend the next 8-9 weeks with my little girl and I couldn't be happier:) Hopefully I will get a little bit of scrapbooking in to when she is napping!
I took this picture really quick as I was leaving my classroom today! My room is all packed up and ready for summer break! And I only brought a few things home to work on this summer.

And I am very excited to spend the summer with this cutie:) We have big plans....swimming, going to the zoo, shopping, lunch dates, and just hanging out at home!

This is the first summer that I haven't worked or gone to school so I am very excited about it can you tell?

Happy Summer everyone!


Christa said...

yay for summer! :)

jacque4u2c said...

WHOO-HOO!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!

laterg8r said...

so excited for you :D