Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

Kendall, Tripp, Jen and I went shopping today. We wore the babies out. That's what we felt like at the end of the day as well!
Kendal I went to a baby shower for a cousin today. This is a pic of Kendall with her 3rd cousins, my cousin Nickie's babies
Kendall and I hung out at home today while Chris went to a baseball game. Kendall really loves having her hands in her mouth!
Kendall gets more and more alert everyday. She loves playing with her toys are at least putting them in her mouth!
I caught Ed starring at Kendall while she was playing in her playmat today:)
Jen and I started cleaning out my scrap room today. It's such a mess and I have way too many things!
Now that Kendall is going to bed earlier at night I get an hour or so to myself to do some scrapbooking:)
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laterg8r said...

great pics - love the kitty guarding kendall :D

Maggi said...

What wonderful pictures! I love this pinky layout!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Your daughter is adorable.

Susan said...

Oh my, she's just beautiful! Good luck with the room makeover!!!

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

absolutely adorable!!