Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Life a Little Late!

I am a little behind on sharing project life, but here is my week from LAST week! I am so proud of myself we are offically half way through the year and I have taken a picture EVERY day of the year so far!
I had fun doing a little scrapbooking while Kendall was sleeping tonight! Today was Chris' first father's day. We laid around most of the day. Chris is such a good daddy to Kendall!
We took Kendall, Tripp and Brayden to the pool today! They were so good and had lots of fun:) I used my cricut to dress this plan planner up just a little bit! I like how it turned out simple but fun!
Kendall does not like belly time. I bought her this little caterpillar to help out a little and was able to get her on her belly for a little while tonight!
Kendall has really started to hold on to toys and pay more attention to them as well. She is really concentrating on things more around her and it is so fun to watch:)

I'm not Linking up to Project Life Tuesday because I am a day late:( But I hope you enjoyed our week!

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JODIE W. said...

CUTE CUTE! And Maggie HATED tummy time! I was a worried mess thinking that she'd never learn to do anything like lift up,crawl, walk or function for that matter because she skipped tummy time at that age LOL---well, they get past it and next thing you know she'll be rolling all and scooting around!!!