Friday, June 18, 2010

A Pool Day!

Yesterday I took Kendall for a pool day. This was the second time I tried to do this and I learned a few things from my first experience:)
First: Get her ready BEFORE we go to the pool. I put her bathing suit on, put her shirt on, and sunscreen all at home. That way we could go straight to the pool and not in my mother-in-laws house to get ready.
Second: Get myself ready at home. I put my bathing suit on at home and got my sunscreen on as well:) Makes it a lot easier when Kendall can watch the TV while I'm getting ready.
Third: Take my time! I can no longer rush out the door to get somewhere. I should now expect it to take me a good thirty minutes longer than before I had Kendall. I knew I wanted to go to the pool, but I put no expectations on what time I would get there so I didn't feel rushed!
Lastly: Enjoy the time with her! And go with the flow! She will let me know when she doesn't want to be in the pool. She laughed and cooed the whole time we were there.
Yesterday was the first day she really started cooing. She has made small sounds here and there, but she has been talking ALL day today! I love it. Ha we mute the TV when she starts cooing. I am sure in a few years we will be turning the TV up to mute her lol!
But for now we enjoy EVERY moment with this sweet baby girl.
Have a great weekend:)


JODIE W. said...

Coos melt the heart!!!!As does her in that float!! :)

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

oh my, that ruffly polka dotted swimsuit is too cute! :)

laterg8r said...

it's amazing how long it takes to do things with a new baby - toss out the watch, you'll get there when you get there :D