Monday, June 14, 2010

An Obsession I have!

I have always loved Mcalisters Deli but here lately it has become an obssession! For a few different reasons.

First of all I LOVE their Sweet Tea:) It has to be the best brewed tea that you can get in Louisville by far! I get a big glass, drink all of it and then refill it before I leave! It's not too sweet and it's very refreshing! I also love the cups that they come in. Who wants a little glass of sweet tea haha!

Second of all their food is so yummy! I love their tuna sandwiches, their broc and cheddar soup, and their basil parmesan pizza. The pizza is my new favorite and I am sure I will get it the next few times I go there. Oh and who could forget their cookies..They are yummy as well!

Lastly, but probably the most important reason I love Mcalisters is their friendly atmosphere. I have never had bad service at Mcalisters and I have been to 4 different locations here in Lousville! They always offer to refill my drink or ask if we need anything while we are eating. The other day Jen and I were in there and she couldn't believe how nice they were! It was the first time she had really ate inside and she wanted to know if they were always this friendly! And I said YES!

If you don't have a mcalisters around you I am sorry haha! But, if you do and you haven't been yet GO! You will love it because there are so many things to choose from on their menu!

It is my obssession and probably will be long after summer is gone:)
Oh and I almost forgot it was the first restaurant Kendall visited when she was only a week old:) She loves thier sweet tea!!


Brooke said...

We have those here in SC! I love the big 'ol baked potatoes!

Julia said...

awww... what a cutie!! (never been there.) ;)

Nothingcanseperate said...

That pic is cute lol. but omg we LOVE McCallisters :( We lived in MO when we went to Evangel and ate there all the time! My hubby worked there for awhile. We're in MD now and there are none. He has always talked of opening one. We did find one at Myrtle Beach last year and he was so excited but their food was bad! It was not the quality we were used to. Just a bad store I guess so it was quite upsetting since it had been YEARS since we had it. Now I"m sad an craving it!

jenthegreat said...

McAlister's was the first restaurant I took my newborn daughter into...on the way home from the hospital! :D We were discharged between breakfast and lunch, and we were STARVING, so we dropped by and picked up food on the way home. :)

I'm a 2nd grade teacher. I've taught 11 years, 9 of which have been in 2nd grade. :) I taught one year of 1st grade...and it was not for me. *L* You have Kindergarten experience, though, and I just had a bad year (no materials, no reading series, never taught anything but music prior to that year). You'll love it! Hope you're having a great summer. In case you're wondering, I got here from your link on McAlister's Twitter page. :)

Tulsa, OK

Scott said...

I'm in Indianapolis, and I love Mac's as well! It's not just the best sweet tea in Louisville, it's the best sweet tea anywhere. My wife and I just traveled to Georgia and were excited that we were going to have a lot of good southern sweet tea; however, none of it even came close to comparing to Mac's sweet tea, and we had it from a lot of different places!

If you really like it sweet, ask for it with just a quarter cup of ice. It keeps it cool enough to drink and without any watery taste.