Monday, June 28, 2010

My Weight

Nice title huh!?

Sorry there will be no pictures attached to this post I don't think I have any suit for that title ha!

I have got to get my weight under control.

Yes, I know I had a baby three months ago.

I know it takes a while to get that weight off. But, I can wait no longer.

I am tired of not fitting in my clothes.

I am tired of looking like I am three months pregnant STILL.

I am tired of the way I look.

I am tired of the way I feel.

No this is not a pitty me post. I am very much aware of the fact that no one has control over my weight but myself, and I have let it go for too long.

I need to lose 20 pounds. Do I expect to lose it over night?


But, I most definitely need to start today! And I have, well sorta! Today I walked the zoo and then Kendall and I walked again when we got home from the zoo. So, I got my excercise in today. I didn't eat well. Had Chilis and ate way TOO much. (Oh and a blizzard too)

So, what do I plan to do about this weight problem of mine?

Workout (TurboJam and walking)
Start doing better at Weight Watchers
Go to the store and get some healthier food!
STOP eating out as much!

I have never been super skinny, but I have also never weighed what I do today. I know I am being vain and superficial, but I am conscious of my body and my weight. I really think everyone is in some way.

My GOAL: 1 pound a week! That's not too much to ask for is it?

Who is going to hold me to this? Who is going to make me accountable for losing this weight?

I guess the only person that can is me, oh and the bikinis sitting in the drawer. Guess they can hold me accountable as well:)

And if you just read my ranting post why thanks and leave me some words of inspiration:)


laterg8r said...

it isn't vain to want to feel better :D

who said looking good is a bad goal? this is the best time of year for exercise - take long walks with kendall :D

Mandy said...

Hey Christy...wanna hold each other accountable? I think your goal is very attainable! Long walks with your daughter is the beginning of a life long friendship! mandy

Kristen @ said...

Don't worry that was not ranting at all!! I started an anxiety medicine and ever since have gained weight and I do not like it! I mean, I'd rather not have anxiety and be bigger but I am starting my workouts using the Biggest Loser on Wii. It looks pretty good AND my new Shake Weight. Self magazine said it really worked! We shall see!!

Julia said...

girl, you got lots of support. we've all been there!! keep posting your progress and how you're eating good or bad.

will definitely help you out!!!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I think 1 pound a week is a nice reasonable goal! You can do it!

Susan De Crafter said...

You can do it Christy. You have a great goal. Do it now because later is too late and hard. Let us know how you are doing.

kelly said...

You can do it! losing baby weight is so hard! if you are really looking for someone to be "Accountable" to, I've heard great things about weight watchers... otherwise just find an activity that you love. mine are running & biking. it helps when you enjoy it!

melissa.english said...

20 lbs is nothing! Are you breast feeding? That helps a lot, but it also hinders weightloss as you cant lose too fast nor do you want to because its affects the milk.

Girly, it took you 9 months to put on the weight, you have to give yourself at least that to take it off! My miracle workout after having the babies is pilates. It really helps to bring in the mid section.

Good luck and healthy eating!!