Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Project Life SO far! (Picture Heavy!)

I thought I would share with you what my project life looks like so far. I am sure it looks like most everyone elses, but I am just so proud of the fact that I have kept up and that hopefully in January I will have a completed Project Life kit! I LOVE it!
I have journaled everyday up to yesterday. I have dated all of my cards up to about May, so that's one thing I need to work on. I have all my journal cards in my book up to August, another thing I must work on, but I have all pictures in my book up to May. I am getting May's pictures printed and then I will be updated on that as well. I also have all of my pictures saved in a file with the day of the week already on them up til yesterday!
I have stayed up with my project pretty much the whole year so far, I only got behind the week that I had Kendall which was expected, but I had no problem still finding a picture I had taken everyday!
I love the month dividers in this album. Makes it easy to get where I want to be quickly!
Here is a look at some of my pages! I have to say I have used white out on my cards a few times because I messed up big time when I was dating them and didn't realize it until I had done a few months! OOPS:) But, it doesn't look bad and unless your looking for it you can't really tell!
Another thing I love to see in this book is how it has changed since we had Kendall. Before we had her I feel like I was more creative with my pictures. Not that I am still not creative in some ways, but I would say that 95% of my pictures include, which I LOVE! I also love how this year helped to document my pregnancy as well!

Before Kendall!After Kendall:) See the difference?

How is your Project Life going? I would love to see some pictures of your book:)


~BridgetL~ said...

Your book is looking good. Congrats on keeping up. :)

Amanda said...

That is such a great idea and it looks wonderful!

laterg8r said...

your book is looking great, way to keep up with it :D

i don't always take a pic each day, sometimes i do one subject a week (like the week of my girl's birthday it's all about them) but I've kept up with mine too.

I went ahead and dated all the cards at the beginning and stuck em in the book :D

jacque4u2c said...

WOW!!! You are doing a GREAT job!