Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guess what Kendall did last night?

I am sad but excited to report that Kendall FINALLY slept in her crib last night. I only got up about 500 times to a grunting baby who had lost her paci, which was one of the many great things about having a bassinet right beside me!
I loved having her in our room, however, I was not sleeping at all. I was afraid to turn in fear that I would wake her up. And on the other hand I was awake every ten minutes to a cute little cooing baby. Baby sounds are so sweet but they were keeping me up all night.

My goal for the summer was to get her sleeping in her own bed. I decided to start the first night of summer vacation. It was a breeze. However, I know tonight will be totally different and we might see a few tears.
I didn't wake to crying at all during the night just some grunts and few yelps when she was hungry!

I am so excited for her, but so sad because that is just one more sign that my sweet baby girl is growing too fast:(

Love this sweet face in the morning!


Alissa said...

She's so precious and getting big already! Wow they grow fast, okay you're really making me want one of my own :).

laterg8r said...

sooooo adorable, glad things are going smoothly :D

JODIE W. said...

Your little Kendall is too cute!! and from what I can see--our Maggie has the exact crib set from Pottery Barn! I started following your blog when i saw a link to you on some other blog... i saw that baby girl and thought, "oh she's adorable-must read about her!" lol....Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts! (The Waldron's)

Maggi said...

I remember finally putting Toot in her crib, boo hoo! lol I missed her being in the bassinet beside me! lol Kendall looks like she was a trooper though!