Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chris' Fall

We had a busy weekend! Saturday morning Kendall and I met Jen and her friend Amanda at Mcalisters for Lunch. We had plans to go to IHOP, but there is only one in Louisville and it just opened and we have not been able to get into it because it's been so busy! Saturday night some friend's of ours got married outside at a winery! It was INCREDIBLY hot, with a 102 degree heat index. Luckily for us the wedding was only 10 mins long and then we got to move inside out of the heat! Kendall was perfect during the ceremony as well as the reception.
Everyone ooohed and awed over her at the reception and she never got fussy til the end when we were getting ready to leave. Poor baby was passed around to so many people. I finally went and got her from someone because I wanted her to be with us during part of the reception!
She fell asleep on the way home, ate when we got home, and then slept til 930 this morning, ate and went back to bed til 1130:) She has become quite the sleeper and I know we are VERY lucky for this!
Today I went to see the musical Legally Blonde with my mother in law. It was so good. I loved it:) While I was gone Chris had an accident. Thank God it wasn't as bad as it could be. I got Kendall this toy at Target on Saturday. It is a little caterpillar that moves and does different things that will be good for Kendall as she gets older.
Well it was on the floor where she had been playing with it. Chris went to get something off of the couch, tripped over it, and landed backwards into the coffee table. Kendall was in her swing which was inches away from the table. The glass shattered everywhere. Thank God Chris wasn't cut or didn't hit his head on the tile of the coffee table. And thank God no glass flew into Kendall in the swing. Chris said Kendall started crying because it scared her. He grabbed her and ran upstairs to make sure she wasn't hurt in anyway and to check his back. He has a little red mark on his arm, but other than that he was fine. Someone was watching over him that's for sure.
Wow our coffee table had a lot of stuff on it ha! How was your weekend? Any big plans for the week? We're just gonna hang out at home tomorrow so I can get some things cleaned up. It's suppose to storm all week here:( And be really hot so we won't be spending much time outside!
Hope everyone has a great week:)


sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Oh my God Christy - someone was definitely watching over him, that's for sure. Thank GOD he's okay, and Kendall too. wow, scary.
On a happy note, what a nice picture of you guys at the wedding!You look so pretty Christy! I'm glad you had a nice time. Still freaking out at the table...... I'm so glad everyone is okay.

Loopylou!! said...

omgoodness christy! i am so pleased chrisis ok and kendall just got a little bit of a jump, he was so lucky, time for ikea shop for a new coffe table hun!! and she didi look soooo cute with her hairbow!! no wonder peeps kept taking her for snuggles!!!

Susan De Crafter said...

Thank goodness Chris was okay. I guess no one told you children were dangerous to their parents. (wait until the legos are on the floor--that will keep you hopping). Glad everyone is fine.

Maggi said...

Holy smokes, I'm glad he was okay!!! Wow!

~BridgetL~ said...

oh how scary, glad Chris wasn't hurt and no glass flew into Kendall on the swing.
I can see why everyone would want to hold her she's just so darn cute. Enjoy your week.

laterg8r said...

holy hannah, so glad they were both ok!!