Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The five year journal/diary

A friend of mine got a ten year journal/diary and brought it over for me to see the other day. I knew I immediately had to have one! I love documenting/scrapping/photographing and everything else that has to do with recording your life. So, I got online to order one, however it was a bit pricey and I was just not ready to spend that much money on a journal. Let's be honest here I already spend enough money documenting my life and I needed something not so expensive:)

So, I got on Barnes and Noble and looked around. I couldn't find a 10 year diary, but I found this 5 year diary. I had a gift card and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did!
You can see from my picture that it's not very big. That's my Iphone sitting next to it, and it's only a little bigger than that.
But. it's perfect for writing a few lines at night before you go to bed about your day. I imagine that when Kendall gets older she will love looking at it. What will be so cool for me is that each year as I am writing for that day I can look back and see what I did a year before on that day and then 2 years ago and so on. I am very excited abot this!What do you think? Would you enjoy writing in a journal at night for five years? How cool will this be when my great, great grandkids get a hold of it!!


laterg8r said...

that is a super cool idea :D

I bought a leather bound book for each of my girls and i record all their funny sayings, milestones, etcetera in it - it helps when scrapbooking too :D

Anonymous said...

That's a very cool and cute idea. I would do this but I never seem to be able to follow through and write daily.

Susan De Crafter said...

That's just the kind of documentation that the geneologist in your family will be thrilled to find. A friend's mother kept one for all her adult life. She made a note of the weather every day as well as other bits from her life. Just a line or two will do. I hope you can stick with it.

Maggi said...

That is very cool, have fun with it!

West Texas Wife said...

I do this do... I have one for every year since high school! I also have one for Tripp. I do a whole new journal each year so they are all up on a shelf.... I read a book where a mother wrote one to her son and I copied the idea. I do it every night before I go to bed.