Monday, May 24, 2010

2 months old!

I can't believe my baby is already two months old! It has gone by so fast! I just love her more and more everyday.
Chris and I were just talking about how much things have changed with her over the past few weeks. We can now sit her down for a short period of time and she will be content! It was hard there for the first few weeks when all she wanted was for someone to hold her. Trust me I very MUCH enjoyed holding her, but I really couldn't even eat without her!
2 months
1 month

3 days!
Wow it's amazing how much she has already changed in two months! I am sad that she is getting bigger, but I also get excited about seeing her grow:) And all the fun things we will get to do as she gets older!

She is already cooing, giggling, and so much more alert in the last month! I love playing with her everyday and she especially loves to play in the mornings! I took her picture in her chair yesterday!


Maggi said...

Adorable! Happy 2 months!

laterg8r said...

so sweet, love that polka dot chair too :D

Debbie L said...

Kendall is getting so big!! Adorable pictures in the same polka dotted chair!