Thursday, February 18, 2010

My LOVE/HATE relationship with YEARBOOK!

This year is the second year that I have been in charge of the yearbook at school. Being in charge means doing the ENTIRE book by yourself! YES the entire book and man does it wear me out. This year we are using a new company and I liked last year's so much more. I felt well informed about when pages were to be submitted and I never had any deadlines other than that last page submission.

I am ALMOST finished with this year's book. I have everything laid out I just have to get the pictures in place. Problem is I have to use my time during the day to take pictures to be put in the yearbook. It's VERY different doing an elementary yearbook compared to middle or high school. I am hoping to get some pictures taken tomorrow and get on a roll with getting these last few pages done!

That is my love/hate relationship with yearbook. I love the end product, but getting there is a pain. I have really, really been debating giving it up for next year. Yeah the extra money is very nice, but I can go without it now that I have my masters. I am sure I won't give it up though, but we will see in time:)


Maggi said...

I remember being on yearbook in high school. I can't imagine doing it by myself though!

laterg8r said...

sounds like tons of work :D

good luck getting it done :D

~BridgetL~ said...

are you doing it digitally or the old fashion way? I was in charge of our schools yr book, (no pay) for a couple yrs and loved how we could just click and drag photos into the spaces. But it was still time consuming.