Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Moving to Hawaii!!

Ok Not really but I wish I was! And I think Zoey does too. She likes playing in the snow when it isn't over her head! Good think Chris had tire trails in the driveway so she could get where she needed to go lol!We have had enough snow! This is our third snow of the season and they have all had some accumulation to them. I know some places have gotten hit much, much harder than us, but I am tired of the snow and ready for spring! Anyone else with me?
Unfortunately we are not quite at the end yet! Why? Because Sunday and Monday we are expected to get 2-4 MORE inches! Insane VERY:)


Lisa Howard said...

Hey Sweet Lady! Snow, snow,'s everywhere. We have had our fair share also. I banged up my car a bit during the last big one. I couldn't get up the big hill in my development and was backing back down. The road is very curvy and very steep. I lost control and ran into a mailbox. Now I have a nice little dent in my fender. Of course, that is much better than the alternative of the raven I also ran into.

I've really missed you. My life is nuts these days. I've missed blogging but I seem to have lost my writing mojo. I'm hoping it comes back soon. Hope all is well with you. You must be getting excited!!! So close to your due date!!!! Hugs and much love, L

Risley said...

Aw! its so pretty!! lol but sunny and 80* would be great too!!

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures!!!! I am so tired of the snow as well. Brian has been gone for 3 weeks now and when it has snowed I have had to go out there and shovel it, no fun!!! I can't wait until he returns and that becomes his job again. That is a lot of work! Anyways take care and enjoy your last moments of pregnancy!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Let me pack and I'll meet you in Honolulu- omg, I wish!
My hubby lived there for a year, that's where we met, did I ever tell you that?
Anyways, your pictures are gorgeous Christy! Poor Zoey!!!
I take it there's no school? Were you guys off all week? We're supposed get 2 inches tomorrow and I'm freaking out about that- don't laugh! SF girl here, I don't do snow! I can't complain, look at the east coast, unreal!!!!!!!! You take care, put those legs up!!

Traci said...

I'm with ya girl! It is pretty, though.

jacque4u2c said...

I am so with you! I am not looking forward to the weekend! At least a lot melted away today - but STILL! UGH!!! I dread Monday! At least there is no school anyway - but STILL!!!! UGH!