Friday, February 26, 2010

28 more days Oh me Oh MY!

Sorry I haven't been much of a blogger this week. We have had a busy week and we have a busy weekend as well! Last Sunday I had a baby shower...It was awesome and I am going to blog about it soon! I also have a shower this Sunday and tomorrow Chris has his shower at Hooters haha!!
I have four more pages to complete on yearbook and I am submitting it tonight and DONE with it. That is where all of my time has been spent while on the computer! So hopefully I will be back to blogging soon.

Sorry I haven't been able to stop at my normal blogs either:( Hoping to get back into everything after this weekend, but then again only 28 days til Kendall should be here!! Oh my oh my....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

Tomorrow Chris is remodeling our kitchen. I thoght I would take some before pictures so that we could compare them in the end! I am very excited to see how it turns out!

Chris spent the entire Saturday afternoon working on our kitchen! It looks so different! I'm so lucky that he is so good at that stuff! (looking for picture it has disappeared!!!!)

Happy Valentine's Day. Chris got me heart shaped Krispie Kremes and they were so yummy!

I love our new kitchen! Chris did a great job on our new cabinet and the counters. I am very lucky to have a handy husband!

Today was fat Tuesday. As my treat to myself I had some skittles! They were yummy. Today was my first baby shower for Kendall. There are 4 of us at school pregnant! Unfortunately Elyse whom was suppose to share a shower with me was on bedrest. So I opened presants all on my own! I work with the most generous people. No matter how many weddings, showers, or other things going on they are so willing to give to others. It was a great shower and very appreciated!
Today I had a doctor's appointment. It was the first one that Chris had to miss becuase he was sick. After the doctor's I got to watch this little man while his mommy ran errands:) (Picture was on my iphone trying to figure out how to fix it!)

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Friday, February 19, 2010

A baby Shower at work!

Yesterday I had my baby shower at work. I work with some of the most generous people! I love them:) They got baby Kendall lots and lots of items off of our registeries and some other really fun things as well.
My face looks SO swollen in this picture. I can't believe how swollen my whole body is!
There are four of us at school pregnant right now! That's a lot of girls ha and no one else is drinking the water:) The girl that was suppose to have her shower with me has been put on bedrest so she was unable to attend our shower. She is due two weeks after me and is having contractions every ten minutes! They are monitering her and making sure that everything is alright. She isn's dilated so that is a good thing!

Isn't the cake adorable! It was super yummy too. We get all of our cakes from this lady. She does an awesome job on her cakes.

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Chris couldn't go because he has had the stomach virus. I am hoping and hoping that I don't get it!! It was sad going by myself for the first time and I know he really didn't want to miss it but I am glad he is feeling better too! I made my last four appointments up until Kendall is due! Four more times to the doctor and then we will be at our due date!! WOW I can't wait:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My LOVE/HATE relationship with YEARBOOK!

This year is the second year that I have been in charge of the yearbook at school. Being in charge means doing the ENTIRE book by yourself! YES the entire book and man does it wear me out. This year we are using a new company and I liked last year's so much more. I felt well informed about when pages were to be submitted and I never had any deadlines other than that last page submission.

I am ALMOST finished with this year's book. I have everything laid out I just have to get the pictures in place. Problem is I have to use my time during the day to take pictures to be put in the yearbook. It's VERY different doing an elementary yearbook compared to middle or high school. I am hoping to get some pictures taken tomorrow and get on a roll with getting these last few pages done!

That is my love/hate relationship with yearbook. I love the end product, but getting there is a pain. I have really, really been debating giving it up for next year. Yeah the extra money is very nice, but I can go without it now that I have my masters. I am sure I won't give it up though, but we will see in time:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweet Baby Kit!

I was so excited when my Sweet Baby Kit came that I started putting it together immediately! I love the way that you can still use your own creativity with this kit, yet it gives you lots of guidance and direction so that you can get the babies first year done before they are one!

Some of my favorite things about this kit are,
-all of the journaling pages. (A great way to get my thoughts down so that I can remember things as they happen!)
-The pages to complete before Kendall is even here such as our house, our baby showers, our family tree, a note from mom, a note from dad, and the beginning stages of getting pregnant.
-The month by month journaling pages. I love that the back of them are dated so that I can write important milestones on them.
-ALL of the paper it came with! Tons and tons of it and they are such cute pages.
-The different size page protectors to put pictures in. This is a great way to capture things that happen during Kendall's life but not having to scrapbook every single picture!
-As well as all of the extra fun embellishments it came with!

I was so in love with this kit that I bought my friend Jennifer one when I got it! She is waiting anxiously for her's to arrive! I can't wait to share with you some of my completed pages from this book! If you haven't scrapbooked your babies first year this is a great kit to complete it with. It will come together so nicely and you will really enjoy the finished product!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project life Week Six

I can't believe we are already in week six. Make sure you stop by Jessica Turner's blog for:

Here is my week in pictures!
Chris and I cleaned out the coat/shoe closet tonight. It was a mess, but looks SO much better.Ugh! So tired of snow. We woke up to more snow today! But, at least the trees were pretty and we were stuck at home!After being long overdue Zoey got groomed! She looks so much better and ten pounds lighter!
When Chris got home from work today he found Zoey in the exact same spot we left this morning before we went to work! She is so lazy.
I knew we would get more snow and snowdays. I am so tired of it and ready for it to all melt and Spring to be here!
I thought it was so sweet that Zoey and Ed were having supper together. Doesn't happen often!
It was still a little slick thisd morning so Chris took me to work! Can you believe these icicles hanging off the side of our gutter?

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Belly Book

A few weeks after I got pregnant Chris got me this Belly Book to capture our pregnancy in a different way. I have really enjoyed working on this book. I still have quite a few pages to go back to and add more thoughts too, but it will be so neat to look at in a few years as well as right before we decide to have our next child! I love the colors of the book they are fun and different!
Here are a few other of my favorite things about this book.

I love the journaling pages in this book. And at the end of each trimester there are few pages for you to journal about the three months.

Each week you put a picture of your belly! And there are also places to journal at the bottom of each of these pages as well. I have missed a few weeks. I don't know how but the weeks just slip by sometimes and I forget to take a picture!At the end of the book there is a section called your belly departure! I can't wait to journal on this page about my labor and delievery!And lastly there is a place to put Kendall's sweet little face when she is born! Can't wait.I definitely recommend this book if you haven't started documenting your pregnancy yet. It's so much fun:)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day with their families:) Zoey got a treat this morning and she hid it on the side of the couch and wouldn't leave it ALL morning long. She would peak over the couch everytime we made any movement at all! She's funny.
Do you see her treat?
Chris got me heart shaped Krispie Kreme doughnuts! YUMMY.
This sweet little boy,

Got Kendall a rose and this cute little card. Isn't he sweet?

5 weeks and 5 days!! (Not that I'm counting down or anything:)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A project Finished!

I had so much fun making this little book for Kendall's first ultrasound pictures! I was finally able to put it all together when I got the pictures scanned and printed out.

Someone told me not to use the orignals because they will fade so we made copies. Plus Chris didn't want to use the real ones anyways lol!

I loved how it all came together and now I have it sitting in her room on her dresser. Of course it will be replaced with her pictures when she is born, but for now it looks good there.
I also think I am going to display it at both of my baby showers.
The only problem with it is that it is really hard to open and look through. The crown points get stuck on each other.

But I still love the way that it turned out!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm Moving to Hawaii!!

Ok Not really but I wish I was! And I think Zoey does too. She likes playing in the snow when it isn't over her head! Good think Chris had tire trails in the driveway so she could get where she needed to go lol!We have had enough snow! This is our third snow of the season and they have all had some accumulation to them. I know some places have gotten hit much, much harder than us, but I am tired of the snow and ready for spring! Anyone else with me?
Unfortunately we are not quite at the end yet! Why? Because Sunday and Monday we are expected to get 2-4 MORE inches! Insane VERY:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project Life Week Five

Ed and Jax always snuggle up on the couch like this. It was really cold out so I guess they were just trying to stay warm. (January 29)We woke up to a couple inches of snow today. Zoey was suppose to get groomed but instead she got a snow day! (January 30)
Zoey loves laying on Chris' legs when he lays on the couch. She is just so lazy! (January 31)
Tonight we had a basketball game! We took the picture with Chris' phone so it didn't turn out very well:) (February 1)
I had White Castles for supper tonight and I caught Zoey trying to get into one of the boxes! (February 2)
(I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get the camera that has this picture on it still! I know LAZY. I ordered Becky Higgins Sweet Baby kit for Kendall's first year and I can't wait to fill it all up:) (February 3)
Jenn made us a candybar cake and it was so yummy! We love having super with them on Thursday nights! (February 4)

So I have been a little lazy the past few days and I am just now getting my Project Life post ready and it's Tuesday. Ok I haven't been lazy just doing a BUNCH of work around the house and not on the computer;) Here ya go and don't forgot to stop by Jessica's Blog for: