Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project Life: Week Two

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Today was snow day number 2 and I was not excited about that, but safety is always first! My poor car is covered and won't be moving for a few days!
Today mom and I went to the mall to pick up Kendall's nursery bedding. We got the bumper, quilt, sham pillow, and bedskirt. Once we got home we could not wait to put the bed all together. Mom, Chris and I went straight up and put it all together. Chris and I go in Kendall's room once a day everday! We are so excited and it makes me even more excited to see how excited Chris is about her arrival:)
It only took us a week and a half but we finally got Christmas decorations put away! Now our house looks so bare!
Teresa made the animals a new blanket. Of course Jax liked it! It took Zoey a while to warm up to it and all its smells.
Zoey got sick while we were at work. She smelled really bad so Zoey got a bath from Chris!
After 13 days in below freezing temperatures we finally warmed up today to 39degrees! A heat wave after that many cold days!
Tripp made his first visit to our house tonight and Zoey was very interested in him! Can't wait to see her with Kendall!


Hansen Family said...

Love her bedding!!!! Hope you continue to be healthy through the rest of your pregnancy.

Maggi said...

Wow, we just got our Christmas stuff put away too! lol Perfect bedding!

Courtney said...

very cute pictures, we have a little one arriving in March if all goes well and our nursery isnt done but soon, hopefully!

~BridgetL~ said...

Sorry you got snow, pretty bedding. I never did get to see an ounce of pink, maybe with a granddaughter. I still have one tree up, but I will put red and pink hearts on it for Valentines day. Nice new blankets for pets :)
Hope Zoey is feeling better, 39 is about the temp I have each morning as I take the boys to school.

Susan said...

Great pictures, and congrats to you new baby on the way.

The bedding is beautiful!

Wow, you guys have some really cold weather!

I'm from down south, we're warming up this week, low 70's!

Lisa Howard said...

Hey Sweets! How ya doing? Glad to hear you got your Christmas decorations put away. My tree is still standing proudly in my family room...hahaha! I'll get it down one day. Life is cuh-razy busy. I've missed stopping by. I so love hearing about your preparations for Kendall!!! Love ya!!! L

Carol said...

Great pictures. The snow looks so pretty.

Julia said...

ah!! i love it. so sad i haven't purchased project life, but i plan on doing my own little thing. don't have much time these days, but your pics are awesome!!

Annalise said...

Her bed looks perfect!

Zoey doesn't look like she liked the bath!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

omg, Zoey is super cute! I love her!!!!!!!!!! The nursery looks great Christy!!!!!!!! Those pet blankies are adorable too. DON'T DRIVE ANYWHERE TODAY!!! xoxO

laterg8r said...

beautiful bedding :D

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I love all the pictures.. the bedding is beautiful. Sounds like you have been a very busy lady

natalie said...

A new baby girl! I remember the excitement so clearly! So much fun!

I've been teaching 10 years, but this is my very first year in kindergarten and I'm LOVING it.

Love your sweet pictures!

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Leesie said...

So cute, everything! I love that little animal blankie! This just made me more excited for my little nephew who's due next month.