Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Busy week and NOW a break:)

Yesterday was our last day of work until January 4th! I am so happy to have a break for a while. The kids were ready for that break as well. We had lots of fun making crafts this week and learning about different Holidays. All of my students this year celebrate Christmas so we were able to do some fun Chirstmas crafts. I have some picutures I will share later.

We had our work Christmas Party on Thursday and the kids parties on Friday so I have been BUSY!

Today I went shopping for Chris' Christmas and I am just about DONE! I hope that I can finsih up tomorrow and take Monday off to be at home:)

We go back to the doctor on Wednesday to make sure everything is still going OK. My fingers are crossed that the opening is still the same size. I don't want bedrest right now so let's hope that it is!


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Maggi said...

Yay for breaks! Good luck with your appointment!

Merry Christmas!