Friday, November 20, 2009

Prompt Cards

Happy Friday everyone:) I am SUPER excited because I have the next 9 days OFF of work and I so needed it! If you are a teacher you know there is a point when EVERYONE including yourself needs a break. My time has come:)

A big part of the Holidays in Hand claas I am taking by Jessica Sprague has to do with the prompt cards she created.
I thought I would share what I decided to do with my prompt cards and where I am going to take the project! I have decided to make an 81/2X11 album for this project. I am currently working on the cover of my album, but I will definitly share when I am done!

I printed out ALL 31 of the prompt cards on 8X8 cardstock. The prompt cards look like this. The next thing I did was make a stand for my prompt card to sit for each day. I am not sure how well I will do with this, but I will try my best;) The purpose of the stand is so that you see the card at some point everyday. The prompt cards are really neat and a great guide for this book. THye have a quote at the top of each, a prompt to write about, a photograph to take, and then one of my tasks was to fill in the what I will do and make each day. That part is going to be difficult I think because we know how hectic life gets in December. I probably won't write something to make everyday, but I will definitly write at least one thing to do each day. I think the prompt cards are really neat and I know it will help me to complete this album.

I am enjoying this class. It is the first online class I have ever taken, but it is really neat and I look forward to taking more.

I am very excited about documenting the month of December in my family. It is the perfect time to start especially since we will have a new addition next Christmas:)

Daily December Update: I am still working on December Daily the way that Ali Edwards does this project, so I will share that album with you this weekend as well. I got all my pages started and numbered, but I can't decide if I will go ahead and add a few more things to each page, or if I will let them be until I have my pictures and journal for each day!


Maggi said...

I'm so glad you get a few days off to rest! Those prompts cards are neato, love the stand you made for them!

Christi said...

Just stopping by from the SITS sharefest.

Enjoy your down time! I've never taken an online class, but the prompt cards look like a good way to learn.

Miss Rowley said...

your blog is so cute. I am so glad that I stopped by. love what you have. keep up the great work that you have been doing. love the design and header. :) visiting from sits.

tyme2blog said...

GREAT clipboard for your prompts! I look forward to seeing your pages too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and making a comment on my blog about the pictures! I am loving every moment of it and Aidan had fun riding his tricycle. He is always on the go and never sits still, he jumped of the bike and headed over to a stream near by. Never a dull moment in my home. Take care of yourself and enjoy your thanksgiving.