Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project Life

Can I tell you how excited I am!!? I just ordered Project Life (Project365) from Becky Higgins tonight! I am super excited about it because I missed out on it last year. She sold out of them really quick last year, so I went ahead and ordered mine today. It said it could take up to 8 weeks to get here, but that's alright I am just super excited I was able to purchase one this year. If you don't know what Project Life is I will share with you!

First I have to say that I had never heard of it until I saw a message board set up on the Cricut Website for those that were working on this. By the time I had figured out what it was it was way too late to order one, because as I said she sold out super fast. Thanks to Jessica Turner blogging about it today I was able to order mine before they were all gone.

Project Life is a way to see you year through a picture a day. She has many videos on her website about why she has made this kit. She talks about how important everyday is and not just the big events, but every little event in your life. So, I think this will the perfect year for me to start this project espeically since we will be having our first baby in March. I sure hope I can keep up with it a little better than I have my Nine Months and Counting, which by the way my husband was sure to point out to me last night at Hobby Lobby!

Have you done Project 365? If not and your a scrapper you should definitely look into it:)


Julia said...

it's so funny b/c i saw jessica blog about it LAST year and i didn't order. it probably is easier to keep up with, but i just don't know if i can keep up with it. i don't know. maybe if i plan ahead and realy really take the time. are there any left?

sharyncarlson said...

Oh good, I feel much better finding someone who is as excited as me for Project Life. I can't wait!!! I just ordered mine 2 days ago. Like you, I wasn't able to get a kit this past year. Can't wait to play with this new kit!

laterg8r said...

super excited about it - thanks so much for posting this, i just ordered mine (i missed out last year too) :D