Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I was wondering how many of you have read this book? If you are interested you might to skip this post because it may get a little boring! I had to read this book for my Child Development class (Which by the way is the last class I will ever HAVE to take!!) I was really dreading it at first because when it first came out I said there is no way I could read or watch that movie. i finished the book and the ending was sad, unexpected and I didn't like it! But, overall I still found book interesting and it was an easy read. Still a sad book though.

I have to think of three main ideas I would like to discuss in this book, so I thought I would post them on my blog as well so that if you have read the book you could share with me. If you haven't read it and are thinking about it, I would recommend it. I haven't cried one time reading it, shocked, yes I am because I thought I would ball through the entire thing. But, I do still have the ending to finish so we will see!

OK for my three main ideas:

1. Jesse was put on the back burner his entire life once Kate's illnesses began. I am aware that this is a very controversy book, however, from my perspective of reading this book Jesse was lost in the mix of all of the family crisis. I felt really sorry for Jesse, yet so angry at him at the same time. I thought he made many poor choices that I would hope were made for a cry for help. I was shocked to find out that his father knew he was the one causing the fires. My theory in him causing the fires was his fascination with is father's job. As a child he always asked his father questions about being a fire fighter and I think at some point he became obsessed with the other side of the fire. Unfortunately this caused a lot of pain in many situations. Unfortunately I do believe because of all the illnesses Kate suffered the focus and attention that Jesse should have been given was all on Kate.

2. Sara was so lost in saving Kate that she often missed other important parts of Jesse and Anna's life. I felt very sorry for every character in this book, however, I found myself mad at Sara but upset with her at the same time. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child or seeing a child suffer. I also can't imagine needing to focus all my attention on only one of my children. Sara had to be exhausted in all aspects of life. I really don't think anyone can understand what she went through until they were in her situation. I was angry at her for not seeing that Jesse needed someone to help him and to discipline him. But, at the same I could see where you would spend so much of your life and energy with Kate that you just didn't have it left in you. I was often angered at her decisions with Anna as well. Which leads me to my last main idea.

3. I had great compassion for Anna. In my opinion Anna was such a strong little girl and I couldn't blame her for what she did. Especially in the end when she confessed that she did it for Kate. I was angry for her when she was told she couldn't go to hockey camp or got picked up early from a friend's birthday party to go to the hospital to give to her sister. I was angry because she was a little girl that didn't have control over her body and was put into intense pain for a sister. The ending REALLY stinks for Anna, but I still felt happy for what she accomplished.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?


Julia said...

nope, never read it. but i did read your thoughts. sounds interesting.

so, i have a few thoughts i'd like to run by you. email me when you get this and we'll talk. k? k.

Lisa Howard said...

Haven't read it but saw the movie. Heavy stuff, huh? Good luck...looks like you are off to a good start. xoxo L

Amber said...

I read the book awhile ago. I was sobbing at the end. I did not predict that ending at all.
I found My Sister Keeper to be an emotional, sad, triumphant, passionate, heartwrenching and extremely powerful story. A family united in their love for each other but divided on exactly where the boundaries of family obligations, love and sacrifice should end. I think the author (Jodi Picoult) did an amazing job of presenting the dilemma. She took a conflicting issue and handles it with compassion, sensitivity and an infinite amount of grace. It really is an amazing story and she makes you feel for each character in the book.

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