Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays in Hand

I have signed up for Jessica Sprague's online workshop called Holidays in Hand. It was completely free and I am so excited about participating in this project. The Holidays are my favorite time of year I really want to create some projects to capture our Holidays arond here. Today's assigment was to write down your values and goals for the Holidays. I chose to write four values and goals to keep it simple so that I don't overload myself and so that I can accomplish my goals!

So first I had to come up with my four values which are below:
1. My family being together is the most important part of the Holidays to me.
2. Filling each others stockings is one of my favorite traditions that Chris and I have done since before we got married.
3. This Christmas I would like to really take the time to reflect on our lives before we bring a child into the world to share the rest of our Christmas' with:)
4. Christmas should be about appreciating what you have and what you recieve instead of worrying about what you couldn't give or what you didn't get.

Then the next part of the assignment was to turn my Values into Goals for this Holiday season, which is also below!:
1. This Holdiays season I would like for our family to be together and enjoy each others company for at least 5 days in December.
2. My goal is to have Chris's stocking filled by December 12, because I want to start a new tradition with his stocking.
3. This Christmas Chris and I will not rush around from place to place, but will enjoy being and staying in the places we most enjoy (parents and grandparents)
4. This Chiristmas Chris and I will adopt a child from the angel tree to buy gifts for so that they too can enjoy the Holiday season.

I feel really good about these goals and I feel confident that I have set mesaureable goals that I will be able to acheive in the month of December. I am excited about my goals because I think they will make our Holiday season even better:)

Assignment 2: Are you ready for this? Find 20 minutes a day for ME! This is time for me to write, blog, journal, scrapbook, or slow down the hussle and bussle of the day!! Can I do it? Oh I think I can I think I can! I will sure try. There is a lot of scraping I want to get done this Holiday season and this just might push me to get it done:) That's a great assignment in my opinion!

Jessica also shared a great site with us called Christmas Organized Home Go check it out. There are all kinds of articles and printables that just might make your life and the Holidays more organized:)

Do you have any goals you would like to set for this Holiday Seasons?


Lisa Howard said...

Love your values and the goals you've set. I also know you can TOTALLY find 20 minutes for yourself each day if you stay commited. It's always none to easy to not honor commitments to yourself.

My goals? This is will actually be my very first holiday season without a man in my life. My husband left in early January 5 years ago. Each year since, I've either been dating someone or engage. This's just me. And I'm very excited. I plan to focus on decorating and baking like I did in the past...just enjoying the season. KWIM?

Thanks for this post. It's nice to think about what is in store in the coming weeks. HugsNLove L

Maggi said...

What a neato project! Good luck reaching your goals, they are perfect goals to have!

jacque4u2c said...

I know you will be able to do it! Great list!

sharyncarlson said...

Hi Christy! Stopping by from HIH. What a lovely list. I hope that you enjoy this class! By the way, I love your style - you have such a cute blog!!

tyme2blog said...

I think your values and goals are definately ones you can accomplish!! I look forward to seeing your HIH project!