Monday, November 30, 2009

Pictures with my NEW camera!

I thought I would share some pictures from my new camera! I love it! I never knew how terrible my other cameras were until I saw these pictures. They still aren't great but that has to do with the photographer! I am learning that's for sure:)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm SO excited!!!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I can't belive my week off work is already completely over! But, I have three weeks and then we have two whole weeks off for Christmas. So, I am alright with that. I can make it three weeks. This week is going to be a busy week. I have two more classes left and then I have my MASTERS!! I never thought this day would come:) I have completed everything I just have to show up to class on Monday and Wednesday! YAHOO!

So, my mom and dad gave me my graduation present early! My mom went out on Black Friday to get me my new CAMERA! I got a Rebel XS. Here is a picture of it. I am still learning how in the world to use it, and I know that will take a while. That's alright with me I can do it! I have a free class to attend as well that came with the camera. I am so excited to have it in time for December Daily and Holidays in Hand! I wasn't expecting to get it this soon but hey I am happy!

And don't you love my new camera strap. This very sweet lady Amy made it for me! I just love it:) She was so sweet to work with and I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking for camera straps!

I hope everyone has a great week! I can't believe it is going to be December on Tuesday!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Daily December (Picture Heavy!)

I'm so excited to share my Daily December album with you guys! I finally found binder clips that were big enough for the album! It got pretty thick! I took a picture of each page and I know it's going to be a lot of pictures but I wanted you guys to see it! I think I am good and ready for December to get here now! I am not going to add anything else to the album until I start working on each day! I hope you enjoy it! Hopefully in December I can share each page with you as I complete them! I used non traditional colors in my album because I love all the fun pinks, reds, greens, and blues all mixed together for Christmas!

Here is my album laying down. It got pretty thick with 20 something pages of chipboard!
Alright here is my album! Let me know what you think:)
Page 2 is a clear page like the album. I used a few of these in my book throughout!This time I used a clear tag and put the number on it. Then I put a chipboard page behind it to use as my actual page. I had never used these before but I thought they were fun!Page 10 doesn't have a number on it yet. It is clear but I am going to use red vinyl to put the number 10 on it.
Another blank page that I am going to add red vinyl to! Page 21I wish I had not put the 4X6 paper on my last page, but I know I can make it work, because this page will probably be filled with pictures! Hope you enjoyed it! I can't wait to add pictures to it!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Prompt Cards

Happy Friday everyone:) I am SUPER excited because I have the next 9 days OFF of work and I so needed it! If you are a teacher you know there is a point when EVERYONE including yourself needs a break. My time has come:)

A big part of the Holidays in Hand claas I am taking by Jessica Sprague has to do with the prompt cards she created.
I thought I would share what I decided to do with my prompt cards and where I am going to take the project! I have decided to make an 81/2X11 album for this project. I am currently working on the cover of my album, but I will definitly share when I am done!

I printed out ALL 31 of the prompt cards on 8X8 cardstock. The prompt cards look like this. The next thing I did was make a stand for my prompt card to sit for each day. I am not sure how well I will do with this, but I will try my best;) The purpose of the stand is so that you see the card at some point everyday. The prompt cards are really neat and a great guide for this book. THye have a quote at the top of each, a prompt to write about, a photograph to take, and then one of my tasks was to fill in the what I will do and make each day. That part is going to be difficult I think because we know how hectic life gets in December. I probably won't write something to make everyday, but I will definitly write at least one thing to do each day. I think the prompt cards are really neat and I know it will help me to complete this album.

I am enjoying this class. It is the first online class I have ever taken, but it is really neat and I look forward to taking more.

I am very excited about documenting the month of December in my family. It is the perfect time to start especially since we will have a new addition next Christmas:)

Daily December Update: I am still working on December Daily the way that Ali Edwards does this project, so I will share that album with you this weekend as well. I got all my pages started and numbered, but I can't decide if I will go ahead and add a few more things to each page, or if I will let them be until I have my pictures and journal for each day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays in Hand

I have signed up for Jessica Sprague's online workshop called Holidays in Hand. It was completely free and I am so excited about participating in this project. The Holidays are my favorite time of year I really want to create some projects to capture our Holidays arond here. Today's assigment was to write down your values and goals for the Holidays. I chose to write four values and goals to keep it simple so that I don't overload myself and so that I can accomplish my goals!

So first I had to come up with my four values which are below:
1. My family being together is the most important part of the Holidays to me.
2. Filling each others stockings is one of my favorite traditions that Chris and I have done since before we got married.
3. This Christmas I would like to really take the time to reflect on our lives before we bring a child into the world to share the rest of our Christmas' with:)
4. Christmas should be about appreciating what you have and what you recieve instead of worrying about what you couldn't give or what you didn't get.

Then the next part of the assignment was to turn my Values into Goals for this Holiday season, which is also below!:
1. This Holdiays season I would like for our family to be together and enjoy each others company for at least 5 days in December.
2. My goal is to have Chris's stocking filled by December 12, because I want to start a new tradition with his stocking.
3. This Christmas Chris and I will not rush around from place to place, but will enjoy being and staying in the places we most enjoy (parents and grandparents)
4. This Chiristmas Chris and I will adopt a child from the angel tree to buy gifts for so that they too can enjoy the Holiday season.

I feel really good about these goals and I feel confident that I have set mesaureable goals that I will be able to acheive in the month of December. I am excited about my goals because I think they will make our Holiday season even better:)

Assignment 2: Are you ready for this? Find 20 minutes a day for ME! This is time for me to write, blog, journal, scrapbook, or slow down the hussle and bussle of the day!! Can I do it? Oh I think I can I think I can! I will sure try. There is a lot of scraping I want to get done this Holiday season and this just might push me to get it done:) That's a great assignment in my opinion!

Jessica also shared a great site with us called Christmas Organized Home Go check it out. There are all kinds of articles and printables that just might make your life and the Holidays more organized:)

Do you have any goals you would like to set for this Holiday Seasons?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Project Life

Can I tell you how excited I am!!? I just ordered Project Life (Project365) from Becky Higgins tonight! I am super excited about it because I missed out on it last year. She sold out of them really quick last year, so I went ahead and ordered mine today. It said it could take up to 8 weeks to get here, but that's alright I am just super excited I was able to purchase one this year. If you don't know what Project Life is I will share with you!

First I have to say that I had never heard of it until I saw a message board set up on the Cricut Website for those that were working on this. By the time I had figured out what it was it was way too late to order one, because as I said she sold out super fast. Thanks to Jessica Turner blogging about it today I was able to order mine before they were all gone.

Project Life is a way to see you year through a picture a day. She has many videos on her website about why she has made this kit. She talks about how important everyday is and not just the big events, but every little event in your life. So, I think this will the perfect year for me to start this project espeically since we will be having our first baby in March. I sure hope I can keep up with it a little better than I have my Nine Months and Counting, which by the way my husband was sure to point out to me last night at Hobby Lobby!

Have you done Project 365? If not and your a scrapper you should definitely look into it:)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl!

I thought I would share a few ultrasound pictures since my mom was able to scan them finally! I am funny I can't really see the baby really well, but these are the ones I Could really see her good in. I love these two they are probably my favorite ones.

The ultrasound tech said she has big toes. So, I guess she will have big feet! There is another picture of her whole body and you can really her spine. I bet she is going to be long when she is born!

This weekend I am going to a scrapbooking baby shower and I am very excited about it! I think it will be lots of fun. She is having a boy:) Our babies are going to be best buds! I will let you know how it turns out. Hope you have a happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

I was wondering how many of you have read this book? If you are interested you might to skip this post because it may get a little boring! I had to read this book for my Child Development class (Which by the way is the last class I will ever HAVE to take!!) I was really dreading it at first because when it first came out I said there is no way I could read or watch that movie. i finished the book and the ending was sad, unexpected and I didn't like it! But, overall I still found book interesting and it was an easy read. Still a sad book though.

I have to think of three main ideas I would like to discuss in this book, so I thought I would post them on my blog as well so that if you have read the book you could share with me. If you haven't read it and are thinking about it, I would recommend it. I haven't cried one time reading it, shocked, yes I am because I thought I would ball through the entire thing. But, I do still have the ending to finish so we will see!

OK for my three main ideas:

1. Jesse was put on the back burner his entire life once Kate's illnesses began. I am aware that this is a very controversy book, however, from my perspective of reading this book Jesse was lost in the mix of all of the family crisis. I felt really sorry for Jesse, yet so angry at him at the same time. I thought he made many poor choices that I would hope were made for a cry for help. I was shocked to find out that his father knew he was the one causing the fires. My theory in him causing the fires was his fascination with is father's job. As a child he always asked his father questions about being a fire fighter and I think at some point he became obsessed with the other side of the fire. Unfortunately this caused a lot of pain in many situations. Unfortunately I do believe because of all the illnesses Kate suffered the focus and attention that Jesse should have been given was all on Kate.

2. Sara was so lost in saving Kate that she often missed other important parts of Jesse and Anna's life. I felt very sorry for every character in this book, however, I found myself mad at Sara but upset with her at the same time. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child or seeing a child suffer. I also can't imagine needing to focus all my attention on only one of my children. Sara had to be exhausted in all aspects of life. I really don't think anyone can understand what she went through until they were in her situation. I was angry at her for not seeing that Jesse needed someone to help him and to discipline him. But, at the same I could see where you would spend so much of your life and energy with Kate that you just didn't have it left in you. I was often angered at her decisions with Anna as well. Which leads me to my last main idea.

3. I had great compassion for Anna. In my opinion Anna was such a strong little girl and I couldn't blame her for what she did. Especially in the end when she confessed that she did it for Kate. I was angry for her when she was told she couldn't go to hockey camp or got picked up early from a friend's birthday party to go to the hospital to give to her sister. I was angry because she was a little girl that didn't have control over her body and was put into intense pain for a sister. The ending REALLY stinks for Anna, but I still felt happy for what she accomplished.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's A GIRL!!!!

I was so excited Wednesday when we FINALLY found out we were having a little girl! And I have been shopping like Crazy since that day! I have to slow down, but it's so hard because all of the girls stuff is SO cute!
I wanted to share with you what I made to put the ultrasound pictures in. I haven't placed them yet, because my mom is taking them to work to scan to the computer first. I worked on this for about an hour and a half today. I am so SLOW when it comes to scrapbooking. I don't know why it takes me so long. I am happy with the way that it turned out though! I bought the kit at Hobby Lobby. It's made by My Mind's Eye.
This is the cover of the book. Sorry my pictures aren't that great! And I didn't photoshop them yet either so that makes it even worse. But, I can't wait to get my new camera either that will make it nicer. ANYWAYS her name, when we reveal, which hopefully will be soon, will go in the middle of the cover.

This is page two. I wrote On Nov. 4, 2009, we found out you were a little girl. We were very excited!The first ultrasound picture will go on the mat. Where you see the squares and shapes I am going to put an ultrasound picture behind!This was one of my favorite pages. It looks so cute with the ultrasound picture. I will repost it when I get the picture down!And this is the last page. The back looks like the front just with nothing on it!

Tell me what you think! I thought it turned out pretty cute, and we are VERY excited about having a little girl:)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween:)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween. I LOVE this time of year. Now it's time to gear up for Thanksgiving with the family and Christmas. I love going to grandparents on Thanksgiving and eating yummy food. Getting to spend time with my family is my favorite thing! Christmas is a lot of fun too, but I hope this year we are able to cut down on the places we go on Christmas. It is just too much to go to six different places in one day. You don't get to enjoy the day!

I just wanted to share a few quick picture with you guys. The first one is me on Friday night ready for my cousin's wedding. It was a pretty wedding, but I didn't stay long because I was so tired.
Last night we went to a Halloween Party. We had lots of fun. I was a girl scout (only because I had the costume from a long time ago, and I wasn't paying 60 dollars for a new costume) and Chris was Billy Mays. I think that's how you spell his last name. We had a lot of fun. My friend Jennifer is due December 27 and she looks great! She was a Kentucky Football player! BOOOO Lol!

My mom called this morning to ask one more time what the camera I wanted was called! I hope I get it soon:) AND only 3 more days and we will know what baby is!!!