Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where oh Where Have I been?

Going crazy is the answer to that question!! Seems like this past week was SOOO long and the weekend just flew by:( I don't like when that happens! We have a five day work week this week. I know I am so spoiled to have days off every now and then plus my summers off, but when you are use to something that is what happens!

Today I have been working on a paper that is due on Wednesday. I am ALMOST finished with it. 721 words of 800 ha ha! Getting there I think. I hope the rough draft is good enough for her that I don't have to change a whole lot of it! That would be really nice because I have to write a VERY big paper before the second week of November in order to apply for my master's degree, which I SHOULD be getting in December! Yay me!!

So, some of you might not know, but aside from scrapbooking, altering, and sewing, I also love to make jewerly. Especially mother's bracelets. I use to sell my mother's bracelets, but sterling silver become so expensive that one bracelet (one strand/one child's name) is about 25 dollars just for me to make, so I would have to charge 30 dollars just make a little off of each one.

I made this one yesterday for my friend Jennifer, who is due December 27. Her doctor promised her she would have the baby in December, but I told her I would change the birthstones if need be:) It was very hard to take pictures of this bracelet. I don't know if it was the shininess of the beads, or the user error. Probably user error! So, I don't think the pictures do it much justice. But, they are so cute and fun to make! If you are interested in one I would love to make you one, but I feel like they are pricey. Or I could just try to tell you how to make them!! They are however sterling silver, which keeps going up in price. And if you know what I am doing wrong with my pictures please tell me:)
Have a great Monday!


laterg8r said...

what beautiful jewelry :D

Brooke said...

I love the necklaces! You are so talented!

Maggi said...

Those are too cute!!!

Julia said...

so beautiful!! i'm dying to have a necklace with my kids names and birthstones made.

hope all is well withyou!

Kristen said...

love the bracelet! I hate that sterling is so expensive :(