Friday, October 16, 2009

The Busy Week is OVER!!

I feel like I had the busiest week this week. Maybe because I am just use to having one late night a week and that is Monday. Well this week I had three late nights and I was ready for Friday to get here, but it actually came very quickly! I was excited:) Monday I had class til 8:30, Tuesday I got to come home, Wednesday I had class til 9:00 and Thursday I had PTA program til 6:30. I was glad to leave work at 4:15 today!

WE have no plans for this weekend either which is great! I enjoy having nothing planned every once in a while. I want to go to Huber's Farm soon, but it is suppose to be cold and nasty this weekend. A good weekend to stay in and clean house, and mabe even get a little scrapping done:)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Oh and baby has been moving A LOT the past few days. I think I can feel the movement more and more everyday! Only 19 more days and we will know what this baby is! Boy? Girl?


Julia said...

get some rest.

I say BOY!! do you have names picked out yet? any ideas?? I still have some of my favorites in mind!

Pigtails and Puppydogs said...

How exciting!