Friday, October 30, 2009

Where HAVE I been?

Well Actually I have been right here sitting at this computer. I have a 15 page paper due for final component to graduate with my masters in December. My goal is to have it done this weekend. Once that is done I will BE BACK!! I have been crazy busy with work and school and ready for a break...

We have the whole week of Thanksgiving off and I am so looking forward to it:)

Wednesday is the big day that we FINALLY find out what this little one will be and I Can't wait! I haven't had any dreams of what it is, but everyone seems to have thier opionions. WE shall find out on Wednesday at 8:45! I will keep you all updated and I should be back to my blogging self here very soon:)

Happy Halloween ya'll!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

18 weeks and Counting!

Well I am moving along in this pregnancy. I am 18 weeks and not nearly as tired as I was before. I just have to keep up with this house and finish up school for the semester and I will be so much better! We have less than two weeks til we find out what we are having and I can't wait! I am going shopping with my mom as soon as we find out:) It is going to be so much fun!

Here is a pic of me at 18 weeks! I just took it about five minutes ago. Oh and one of the perks of being a student is you get free software every now and then! Well guess what! I got a free download of photoshop! I am so excited about figuring it out and seeing what it does! I am even more excited because my parents are getting me a rebel for my graduation gift! YAY!!
WE don't have school tomorrow, but I have to go to a meeting until 12...SO, my weekend gets to start a little early and I am happy about that! Going to try to clean...AND....I have a scrapbooking date tomorrow night with my friend Jennifer. She is due in December so she is coming over to scrap tomorrow! I am so excited!

Have a good weekend!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A much Needed Relaxing Weekend:)

This Weekend was very nice! We did NOTHING...well just about. Saturday we laid on the couch ALL day, til about 5:00. Then we got dressed and went to eat at my favorite Tumbleweed. Then we visited Best Buy, PetSmart, and of course Target. Don't you love Chris' costume! How many people have gone down this asile and NOT tried something on. I tried on the bumblebee costume, but we didn't take a picture. After our shopping we came home and played games! We are so fun LOL...we played Guess Who? and Parchessi. Then we went to bed. WE had a good weekend with no plans and nothing we had to do.
On Sunday I had to get some schoolwork done and clean a little. Our house is a MESS. WE really gotta get on it. I have a paper due November 13 in order to get my Master's in December! I better get on it! Have a great week everyone:)

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Busy Week is OVER!!

I feel like I had the busiest week this week. Maybe because I am just use to having one late night a week and that is Monday. Well this week I had three late nights and I was ready for Friday to get here, but it actually came very quickly! I was excited:) Monday I had class til 8:30, Tuesday I got to come home, Wednesday I had class til 9:00 and Thursday I had PTA program til 6:30. I was glad to leave work at 4:15 today!

WE have no plans for this weekend either which is great! I enjoy having nothing planned every once in a while. I want to go to Huber's Farm soon, but it is suppose to be cold and nasty this weekend. A good weekend to stay in and clean house, and mabe even get a little scrapping done:)

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Oh and baby has been moving A LOT the past few days. I think I can feel the movement more and more everyday! Only 19 more days and we will know what this baby is! Boy? Girl?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I can FEEL him/her!!!

So, I was sitting at the computer doing homework blah!!  When I felt him/her move…and move…and move.  It was the coolest thing..just a little kick like he was flipping! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this day and I was so excited when I finally felt her move!  (Notice I interchange he/she because we don’t know YET!!  Chris was mad because he couldn’t feel the baby move.  I would be too though if I was him.  But, very soon he will be able to feel him I am sure!

Here is a belly picture at 16 weeks!  Getting bigger.  Sorry it’s not very good and I still haven’t gotten a Photoshop so I couldn’t edit the picture. 

bumpI have a VERY busy week ahead.  I have school Monday night and Wednesday night and then I have to be at work Thursday night because first graders are performing at the PTA program!  So, I will be busy until Friday!  Probably means the week will go by really fast though:)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

So we Can all Use a Little Practice!

Putting on Diapers that is! Thought it would be fun to let Zoey try on a diaper. A little practice for me. Oh the things we put her through! Good thing she loves us:)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where oh Where Have I been?

Going crazy is the answer to that question!! Seems like this past week was SOOO long and the weekend just flew by:( I don't like when that happens! We have a five day work week this week. I know I am so spoiled to have days off every now and then plus my summers off, but when you are use to something that is what happens!

Today I have been working on a paper that is due on Wednesday. I am ALMOST finished with it. 721 words of 800 ha ha! Getting there I think. I hope the rough draft is good enough for her that I don't have to change a whole lot of it! That would be really nice because I have to write a VERY big paper before the second week of November in order to apply for my master's degree, which I SHOULD be getting in December! Yay me!!

So, some of you might not know, but aside from scrapbooking, altering, and sewing, I also love to make jewerly. Especially mother's bracelets. I use to sell my mother's bracelets, but sterling silver become so expensive that one bracelet (one strand/one child's name) is about 25 dollars just for me to make, so I would have to charge 30 dollars just make a little off of each one.

I made this one yesterday for my friend Jennifer, who is due December 27. Her doctor promised her she would have the baby in December, but I told her I would change the birthstones if need be:) It was very hard to take pictures of this bracelet. I don't know if it was the shininess of the beads, or the user error. Probably user error! So, I don't think the pictures do it much justice. But, they are so cute and fun to make! If you are interested in one I would love to make you one, but I feel like they are pricey. Or I could just try to tell you how to make them!! They are however sterling silver, which keeps going up in price. And if you know what I am doing wrong with my pictures please tell me:)
Have a great Monday!