Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trying to get the Creative Juices flowing:)

Ok, so I thought maybe just maybe if I look at the cricut website I might get some creative juices flowing. YEAH RIGHT...all I want to do is spend money now! This time last year Chris bought me my first Cricut ever. I fell in love with it. AND I still love it after about 18 carts. later. I really hope that Michael's does their Thanksgiving day sale again where you can buy any of their carts for 40.00 dollars. There are a few that I am dying to have. Let me share with you just the few that I would like to have!!!

The first one is Everyday Paper Dolls. I love the orginal paper dolls and I HAVE to have this one. It has so many everyday paper dolls and it has toddler type paper dolls! Her card is adorable.

I have always wanted to make my own calendar and what a great idea! This cart. is definitly on my want list with EVERYTHING else!

Of course there are several that have been on my list for a LONG time. I want to get the Mickey font, Pooh font, Seasame street font and shapes! And so many, many more. Maybe I will go try my hand at some scrapping right now...WISH me LUCK:)

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Maggi said...

I would love to get the Hello Kitty cart! I hope you were hit by inspiration!