Monday, September 21, 2009

Stuffed for Stellan

I came across When a Duet Becomes a Trio last night and found out about a wonderful donation drive she has begun in Stellan's name. I think it is wonderful and I am waiting for her email so that I can too participate! Right now, as I understand it she is donating medium stuffed animals to a hospital in Stellan's name. Here is the blog post explaining what she is doing. Please stop by her site and if you are interested in donating please email her!

Here is a button she has also created to promote this drive. I have put it on my sidebar and you can too! Just click on the button and it should take you to the link so that you can add it as well!
(I found that it is much easier to get the information if you click on the above blog post (Here is the blog post) In order to get right to what Stuffed for Stellan is all about!

I have found that it is overly amazing what people will do for one another! I think this is a great drive and I am excited to participate in it!

Another blogger friend Baby Making Machine is collecting money for March of Dimes. If you feel inspired to do this go to her blog to check it all out:)

Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

First of all thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I read your blog whenever you post, I love to read through your journey and look forward to seeing you grow and being a wonderful mommy. Great post and information to share.

Maggi said...

I agree, it's so wonderful to see people come together for such great causes! I hope you're feeling well!

Julia said...

a great things she's doing!

we're moving tomorrow! can't wait to catch up with you sometime in the near future!! ;)