Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Fall/Halloween!

I love this time of year. I love the weather, when the leaves change colors, wearing warm clothes again, football, and most of decorating for the seasons:)

I had today off and it was beautiful here. The weather was sunny and 65-70 degrees all day. Unfortunately, I have to leave in a few minutes to go to my night class. At least I got to enjoy the day!
Last night and today I made these buckets for the other first grade teachers I work with. I have had the buckets since last Halloween, just have never put them to any kind of use. So, I decided to use Paper Doll Dress Up and Cuttin' Up to make these little candy buckets for the other teachers. All I did was cut them out with my cricut, add some stickles, and use glue bond to attach them to the bucket! I thought they turned out pretty cute. I love all three of the dress up paper dolls I can't pick a favorite, but I think Ashley's back turned out the cutest!
I think, (MAYBE) When I Get home I will make some tags to attach to each one and then wrap them in clear wrap to give to them tomorrow! I will take another picture if I do this.
I hope they like them:)
Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My husband is away:(

Disney 2006! I feel like him right about now! Wish I could lay around like that too ha ha!
Chris left last night to go to Disney to play Softball. Yes he is that crazy about softball lol! They are playing in the world tournment and will be gone until Sunday night. Well if you didn't know I am the BIGGEST scaredy cat in the entire world! PROMISE...I stay NO where by myself and therefore will be living with my parents for the next few nights. Zoey is coming along with me. However, my mom has a new puppy and Zoey doesn't like it at all. So, we shall see how this goes!
Here is Kathleen and I in Disney 2006!
This makes me wonder what will I do when I have a baby. Will I pack everything up and head to moms or will I beg someone to stay with me while he is gone? I have a feeling this will be their last visit to Disney for world, but I could also be wrong about that. I guess we will see when the time comes.

Many ask does it bother you that he leaves to play softball? OF course NOT. I think it's great that they have this opportunity and if I didn't work I would be right there with him to watch! However, I don't want to use my days to go to Florida especially now that we have a baby on the way! I am pretty jealous that he will be in Disney though even he doesn't get to visit the theme parks:)

Here is a picture of all four of us on our Disney Trip 3 years ago. Chris' mom took all three of us there as our graduation gifts. We had a BLAST:)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Stuffed for Stellan

I came across When a Duet Becomes a Trio last night and found out about a wonderful donation drive she has begun in Stellan's name. I think it is wonderful and I am waiting for her email so that I can too participate! Right now, as I understand it she is donating medium stuffed animals to a hospital in Stellan's name. Here is the blog post explaining what she is doing. Please stop by her site and if you are interested in donating please email her!

Here is a button she has also created to promote this drive. I have put it on my sidebar and you can too! Just click on the button and it should take you to the link so that you can add it as well!
(I found that it is much easier to get the information if you click on the above blog post (Here is the blog post) In order to get right to what Stuffed for Stellan is all about!

I have found that it is overly amazing what people will do for one another! I think this is a great drive and I am excited to participate in it!

Another blogger friend Baby Making Machine is collecting money for March of Dimes. If you feel inspired to do this go to her blog to check it all out:)

Hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby Dillan

I hope I can get this video to work of baby Dillan! He is the cutest baby ever:) He is 2 years old and he is our miracle baby. He was born 4 months premature. He weighed 1Ib. 5 ounces when he was born. He was in the hospital for many months after he was born. He is our sweet baby and he is so happy. We are very lucky to have Dillan in our lives and we love when he comes over. He is my mother in laws great nephew, so Chris' second cousin. But, he is a doll. Enjoy the video. You can't help but smile and laugh along with him:)

Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Tonight's Friday Night Fab Five is in honor of my all time favorite TV series Full House. I watched this show from the very beginning to the very end. I probably even cried when it went off air. My brother convinced me that I was the ONLY one that watched the show and that they couldn't keep it on just for me. He was so nice to me let me tell you:) I thought I would show some of my favorite highlights of the show! Hope you enjoy. Some of them may be really long, but I tried to find the shortest videos I could find! ENJOY.

The theme song for EVERY season!

Urkel on Full House

Christmas Time!

The House Meets the Mouse!! How Jealous!!

AND the end comes:(

OK I have tried to get this to work for about 30 minutes now. I sure hope it works this time! Enjoy the weekend guys! Thanks for going down memory lane with me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I think I found it! (Maybe)

Well I actually went to my scrapping room tonight and I got 2 layouts done. Well 1 done and another almost done. I need some help with the second one. I really enjoyed working on these 2 layouts as well. They were lots of fun.

The first one is of my good friend Jessie's baby Pierce. This was his first Christmas. I just love the onesie he has on. Isn't he the cutest thing ever too?

Ok this is the one I need help with. I want some more embellishments on this one but I am not sure what else to put on it. What do you think? This is me and Jessie (Pierce's mom) at a UL football game. I love the picture of the two of us! Let me know what your suggestions are:) Have I mentioned that as much as I love my criuct I think I Love thickers just as much!!!

OK I might be jinxing myself, but today is the FIRST day I have not gagged one time! I haven't felt sick ALL day long. It's a miracle!!!WEll hopefully that means that it is gone for now:) But, I guess we will find out tomorrow or the next day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trying to get the Creative Juices flowing:)

Ok, so I thought maybe just maybe if I look at the cricut website I might get some creative juices flowing. YEAH RIGHT...all I want to do is spend money now! This time last year Chris bought me my first Cricut ever. I fell in love with it. AND I still love it after about 18 carts. later. I really hope that Michael's does their Thanksgiving day sale again where you can buy any of their carts for 40.00 dollars. There are a few that I am dying to have. Let me share with you just the few that I would like to have!!!

The first one is Everyday Paper Dolls. I love the orginal paper dolls and I HAVE to have this one. It has so many everyday paper dolls and it has toddler type paper dolls! Her card is adorable.

I have always wanted to make my own calendar and what a great idea! This cart. is definitly on my want list with EVERYTHING else!

Of course there are several that have been on my list for a LONG time. I want to get the Mickey font, Pooh font, Seasame street font and shapes! And so many, many more. Maybe I will go try my hand at some scrapping right now...WISH me LUCK:)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A great weekend!

I had a really nice, relaxing and free weekend! I didn't have anything that I HAD to do and it was nice. Yesterday I woke up around 10 ate some breakfast (McDonalds my fav. right now!) and got dressed and went shopping for the day with a friend. I got a bunch of new shirts, which I have been needing for a while. I can NEVER find anything to wear, but who can! I got them all at Kohl's in their maternity section. I have decided that I must wear maternity shirts because regular shirts just make me look FAT!! So, I got five of them and they are so cute and guess what? EVERY single one of them was on sale! It was great.

I got a few Halloween decorations yesterday as well. I was wondering when you guys start hanging up your decorations? I figured since fall starts on September 22 I could go ahead and put them up next weekend. What do you think? I thought it sounded like a plan. I will definitly post pictures of all my fun decorations too. I LOVE to decorate for the holidays especially Halloween and Christmas! I also like to decorate for the fall:)

Today I went and played with baby Dillan. He is our miracle baby. I wish I had my camera because I have a funny video of him singing and dancing, but I left it at my mother in laws. When I get it back I promise to post it. Dillan was born 4 months premature and only weighed 1LB 4oz. We are VERY lucky to have him with us today. He is Chris' cousin's baby. Promise to post that soon!

Hope you enjoy your Monday and have a great week. I am trying really hard to get my motivation back and start doing things. I have been tired and I am now 13 weeks so maybe I will get a burst of energy here soon:)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never will it be forgotten

I am sure many of you will never forget where you were on 9/11. I remember quite well. I was in clothing/sewing class my senior year of high school. We had just heard the news and turned the TV on unfortunately in time to see the second plane crash. It was a devastating time. Although I was not directly affected by what happened in New York City or our Nations Capital it is something I will never forget and will forever be instilled in my mind. I will forever be more cautious when I go ANYWHERE.
At work today I was thinking about my students and how they were not yet born when 9/11 occured. Most of them were born in 2003. They have no idea what 9/11 is or what happened. Some of them have more exposure than others, however for the most part they will be a generation that wasn't around for this day. HOWEVER, many of them have cousins, older siblings, distant relatives and even one or two with fathers that have served our country. This is something they do relate to and even as 5/6 year olds are VERY proud of.

They have been taught through our generation and all the generations surrounding them the importance and pride we have for our country and our freedom and why we live in America today. I will do my best to provide them with the education and protection they deserve while they are in my care. I protect them as if they are my own and I will do that with every class I have throughout my teaching career.

Today and everyday is a day to remember those that lost their lives too soon on that day in 2001. Today and everyday is a day to be proud of our country and support our troops for doing what they do for us.

Where were you on that September day? Is it forever in your mind? I am sure it is just like mine.

Take care and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Scrapping Block

So, I am here to tell you that I have Scrapping Block. I can't get a lO to lay the way I want it to lay. I just threw away a lo I had been working on for about 30 minutes. I was working on my favorite movie lo and it looked TERRIBLE. I gave up. What is wrong with me? I sure do hope that it comes back really really soon because I want to scrap!!

I am also glad that tomorrow is already Wednesday. Every weekend should be a three day weekend don't you think?!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Everything!

I have been meaning to share some of my birthday gifts on my blog, but just haven't gotten a chance! Well this one is one of my favorites! I have wanted this plate FOREVER! It is so fun. It's called the Happy Everything plate. Why? Because the decorative piece a the top is velcrod on and can be changed for each Holiday or Occasion! It is made by Cotton Colors . For my birthday I got the birthday cake, but these are some of the others that I can't wait to have!! I just think this plate is so much fun. I love decorating for holidays so what better way to do it! And how easy! I belive we are going to hang it in our kitchen. The pictures don't really show it, but this plate is HUGE!! Once we hang it I will take a picture of it so you can see it! I am sure my friend that got me the plate will buy me all of the pieces for each occasion! That's fine by me cause I can't wait to get more of them!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Picture Comparision!

OK So I had to post this. It's kinda of cool to look at...Alright so it is for me! IN order the pictures are 7 weeks, 9 weeks, and 11 weeks!! I thought there was such a difference in the pictures! What do you think:)
I'm going to be HUGE!!

The heart is beating....REALLY fast!

Well we went to the doctor today and heard the was AMAZING!! It's so weird because she kept going back and forth from my heartbeat to the babies and it was just so neat. I LOVED it. I can't wait to do the first ultrasound and see for sure what he/she is! WE took intelligender today and it said BOY! That's what I have thought all along, so we will see if it is correct! I think so though:) I am really tired tonight and I had to get the flu shot and my arm is really sore. I have updated my blog Nine Months and Counting. I just needed to add a few more pictures on to some posts. It takes a while so now that I am caught up hopefully I will stay caught up! Go check it out! Hopefully I can get some scraping time in here really soon:)