Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's talk Camera Talk

I have been wanting a new camera for a while now. I want a really, really good camera that does three things..

1. Takes good, focused and quality pictures.
2. Takes pictures quickly.
3. Is easy to figure out and use!

I have been looking at the Rebel XL for some time now, but I am not sure if I would EVER figure out how to use that camera.

Now that we are getting ready to have a baby I really want to have a good camera that takes REALLY good pictures QUICKLY...Does anyone know if the Rebel does these things?

Another thing I am intersted in purchasing is a good photo shop. I think that might be part of my problem (OK so I am not the best at taking pictures either!) But, I think if I had a good photoshop I would be able to do a lot more with my pictures as well! What do you think? Any good suggestions on photoshops?

HELP ME! If you have any good suggestions or ideas PLEASE let me know! Thanks:)


Maggi said...

If I had the money to spend, I would SO get either the Rebel XT or a Nikon D40. But we currently have a Canon Powershot and we love it! It's small and takes great pictures. (Chris swears by the Canon brand)

Photoshop is awesome but you might want to try out Picasa first, you can edit pics in that too and it's free! lol

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

Hey Christy!
YES, my gf is a professional photographer and she recommends the Rebel highly! It's on my wish list for sure!
Thanks for your sweet comments btw. I hope you are feeling better! xOxO