Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's New with YOU?

Ok, So three days without blogging? What. in. the. world. is. wrong. with. her. Well I have been SUPER tired the past few days and just want to crawl in bed??? OK so maybe I will have some SUPER exciting news that I can share with you on my blogpost Saturday Morning. Just maybe though....Only if you can keep a secret!

Ok so I need to totally go upstairs to my craft room and do like 50 los cause I haven't done ANY in forever and I am getting mad at myself. I am SO behind and I just don't want to fall behind right now. I am really needing to catch up. So, maybe tomorrow that will be what I do!

Tonight my favorite Blogger Maggi tagged me in a fun little game!

It's a fun little book award and this is what I am suppose to do!

1. Collect the book that you have most handy

2. Turn to page 161

3. Find the 5th complete sentence

4. Cite the sentence on your blog

5. Pass it on to 5 other victims (Oops! bloggers) (In Maggi's terms!!)

So here ya go the sentence is......

"I shivered." Seriously LOL I promise that is the fifth sentence! How funny is that. Look it up yourself it's

OK here are my next victims:

Sparkling Scrapbooks

Sweet As Punkin Pie

Motherhood Moments

Baby Makin Machine

Lisa Howard

Have fun friends! Speaking of which, I was wondering what you guys thought about New Moon? I didn't really care for it too much. NO don't shoot me. I am not the die hard Twilight fan like so many of you out there! But, it is just not my cup of tea. I like hold em up, shoot em up, and knock em up kinds of books. Yes this is my guilty pleasure:)

Oh PLEASE come back tomorrow for Friday Night Fab Five. It will be a wonderful one in honor of Maggi herself:)

OK just come back to my blog tomorrow because I am a loser and I have to beg for bloggers friends to read my blog! Throw me a pity party Puh puh please!! (We will see if that worked!)


Maggi said...

lol You are too funny! And your sentence is a scream! lol I never got into the Twilight thing myself either, not sure why!

I'm very intrigued by this news you have and can't wait for that Fab Five! Hmmmmm.... LOL

Julia said...

oh no, you tagged me!! shoot. i'll have to do this later tonight.

p.s. i know your secret!! :)

Lisa T. Howard said...

I can only guess at your secret...and I can't wait to see if I'm right?!?!?!?

I had a good giggle over the sentence in your book. Too funny. And thanks for tagging me. Now I just have to find a book to quote. I've started 4-5 over the past few months and I haven't finished a one of them. Has something to do with my senior brain...I can't seem to find them when I need them. LOL! This is sooooo not like me either. I am usually super organized and can't bear to not finish something I've started. *sigh* Such is life these days.

Looking forward to seeing your latest creations. Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments for me too! You are a true sweetie-pie!!!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

OK! Maybe I missed it or maybe you haven't disclosed it, but I don't know your name?!?!? If you are OK sharing I would like to but your name with a link to your blog (and I'll post your blog name) when I mention the tag. Let me know. OK? OK! xoxo L

Lisa T. Howard said...

Soooooo you wanted comments...well, I'm givin' 'em to ya! OMG, I am such a schmo. I just found your name in the comment notification email that was sent. Christy? Tell me I'm right! LOL! Good grief! I really am losing it. Getting old SUCKS! Ha! I'll leave you alone now! :)

Future Mama said...

Oooh I need to do this! how fun!! The book I'm reading now would be boring though cause it's a fertility book, lol.

I didn't like New Moon either but I LOVED Twilight and the other books. I think I'll like the New Moon movie though. We'll see!